Can I install Fiber Optic Cable with Electrical Cable in the same Tray?

This is a very common question and when you start poking around on the internet you’ll find a few different answers to the question if you can install fiber with electrical cable. The best place to go for a question like this is the National Electric Code. Let’s go into Article 770 that covers Optical Fiber Cables, more specifically section 770.133 titled Insulation of Optical Fibers and Electrical Conductors.

Nonconductive optical fiber cables, for example, indoor/outdoor rated fiber shall be permitted to occupy the same cable tray or raceway with conductors for electric light, power, Class 1, non-power-limited fire alarm, Type ITC, or medium-power network-powered broadband communications circuits operating at 1000 volts or less. Conductive optical fibers cables, for example, indoor armored rated fiber shall not be permitted to occupy the same cable tray or raceway with conductors for electric light, power, Class 1, non-power-limited fire alarm, Type ITC, or medium-power network-powered broadband communications circuits.

Let’s get a better look at these two cables from our YouTube Channel.

Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable

Indoor Interlocking Armored Fiber Optic Cable

As you can tell, the armored cable will cause an issue if there ever was a problem and can help start a fire and as you know smoke inhalation is the number one cause of death in a fire. There are a couple of other things to know about running fiber cable and power into the same cabinet. If you’re going to be doing an installation like that contact your sales representative to go over your installation. For more information on Article 770 order your National Electric Code book.

Looking for a NEMA rated lockable metal enclosure?

Before we get to this sweet enclosure, let’s check out what BUD industries is about.

Headquartered just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Bud Industries has been the nation’s leading electronic enclosure manufacturer for the electronics and data industries for over 80 years. Founded in 1928 as a producer of radio antennas, our company has grown to be a major manufacturer of electronic enclosure solutions for the industry. Today, Bud’s standard product line is comprised of more than 2,500 products. Our extensive line of affordable products ranges from small metal electronics enclosures to large cabinet racks, products made from plastic as well as metal, and standard electronic products in addition to those that meet NEMA and seismic requirements.

Sounds like they run a tight operation. Now let’s check out SEN Series enclosures.

  • 16 Gauge continuous seam welded steel construction
  • Keyed latch for water tight seal, hinged cover
  • External mounting brackets so box can mount on wall or panel without having to remove the cover and exposing internal components to the environment
  • Designed to meet NEMA type 1, 2, 4, 4X, 12 and 13 and IP65 & IP66 ratings
  • Easily machined and modified to your particular requirements
  • Base and door bonding studs for grounding
  • UL-508 Tested 4x Requirements UL#E194432
  • Finished Product very smooth gray powder coat
  • 12H x 10W x 6D

The SNB-3739 is awesome for the quality and the price is also fantastic. For more information and to order online visit

Signamax Cat6A shielded jack overview

The Signamax Category 6A Screened MT-Series Keystone Jacks have been designed to meet the need for today’s high-bandwidth applications. These connectors are slim in profile for the highest density applications and have the ability to mount either color-coded icons for service identification or dust covers to protect unused jacks from dust and other contaminants.

Special design features allow these jacks to be terminated with a standard 110 single-position tool or with the Signamax four-pair tool. The contact design provides enhanced plug-to-jack connection integrity, protects against damage caused by insertion of 4- or 6-position plugs, and is rated for a minimum of 750 plug insertions providing for the highest level of system reliability.

Let’s get a better look at it from our YouTube channel.

  • Exceed ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 component performance specifications
  • Meet IEEE 802.3an 10 Gigabit Ethernet transmission requirements
  • Overall solid-metal shielding design for 360-degree screen coverage
  • Compatible with Signamax screened snap-in patch panels and work area faceplates
  • Improved wire retention and ease of termination with rear 110 type contacts
  • Easy-to-read T568A/B wiring scheme color-code label
  • Circuit identification icons and dust covers included in kit
Signamax KJS458MT-C6AC Shielded RJ45 Cat6A keystone insert

Signamax KJS458MT-C6AC Shielded Cat6A Jack


So the Signamax KJS458MT-C6AC is a very high-quality jack without the high price. To order online visit

Hellermann Tyton 1U Rackmount Fiber Tray holds 3 Panel

HellermannTyton FERM1U rack mount fiber enclosures provide a secure termination solution for LAN applications and are compatible with standard 19” equipment racks. The Hellermann Tyton FERM1U can accommodate up to 36 fibers, mounts easily and provides easy cable routing access inside the enclosure. This rackmount fiber tray has removable front and rear covers, providing easy access to cables.

• Removable front and rear covers provide easy access to cables.
• Slide-out tray with easy-to-grip raised edge.
• Cable management spools for effective slack management.
• Optional splice trays to assist with cable splicing.
• Panel positioning for easier patch cords access.
• Round edge plastic fiber saddles for easier patch-cord routing.
• Meet ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-B standards.

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Need your J-Hook to “SWIVEL” on that beam?

While installing J-Hooks there are times where if you had that certain angle, your installation might be just a little easier. You’ll still comply with TIA/EIA bend radius standards for your Copper and Fiber Optic Cabling. What you might need is a swivel in your J-Hook.

J hook Swivel

Beam Clamp for J Hook Swivel


The part number for that Beam Clamp is CATHPBC200B that will allow you to swivel and is part of the CADDY HP J-Hook System. The CADDY CAT HP J-Hook System is an advanced, non-continuous pathway support solution for today’s high-performance cabling systems. Highly engineered features help ensure a stable and secure installation that complies with industry codes and standards for high-performance cables.

The CADDY CAT HP System is a cost-effective alternative to using wire mesh cable tray, ladder tray or similar complex alternatives. It requires significantly less material and installs in a fraction of the time of other methods. This versatile solution accommodates a wide range of attachment methods and is available as individual J-Hooks, pre-built CADDY CAT HP assemblies, and multi-tiered trees, as well as interchangeable CADDY CAT HP components. The CADDY CAT HP J-Hook System provides the perfect combination of performance, time savings, and versatility required by today’s datacom and electrical contractors.

For more information on the CADDY CAT HP System visit CADDY. To order CADDY J-Hooks and everything associated with the CAT HP System visit

Fiber Optic Pigtails for Fusion Splicing

Fiber optic pigtails from Discount Low Voltage are great for fusion splicing inside of a fiber optic enclosure. Each strand is terminated on one end and the other end is left blunt so that it can be spliced to your drop cable to eliminate the need of pesky field terminations. Fiber pigtails are machine polished, and the result is a much lower light loss than can be achieved by hand polishing in the field. Additionally, the protective outer jacket can be removed for installation in tight spaces.

Let’s check out some of these fiber pigtails that are available online from our YouTube channel.

As you can tell we have a few options available in Singlemode and we also have Multimode available in the 62.5 and the 50 micron.

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OM4 fiber optic patch jumpers now available.

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have OM4 fiber optic patch jumper cables available. We still have the OM3 jumpers available and you’re probably asking yourself what’s the big deal with this new OM4 standard. Let’s find out.

OM4 Fiber Jumpers

The OM3 was the highest bandwidth standard, at 2000MHz-km Effective Modal Bandwidth. The OM4 standard increases that bandwidth at 850nm of 4700MHz-km for laser sources and 3500 MHZ-km for overfilled launch and retaining the 500MHz-km OFL spec at 1300nm. This OM4 standard has been very popular in the Data Center due to being able to push 40 Gigabit up to 150 meters when the OM3 can only push it to the 100-meter mark, both using parallel optics.

Using OM4 and getting that extra length is a great cost effective solution if you’re trying to avoid the high cost of Single-mode laser sources. OM4 Fiber Patch Jumpers by can be made with any connector variation, length, with additional 1 day lead time compared to the standard lengths and connectors types in stock.

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Cable Caddy for Cable Reels

Just want to give you guys a heads up on the Cable Caddy. If you have to unreel cable without one of these you know it can be a big chore and a very irritating nuisance if you’re working all by yourself. Let’s check it out from our YouTube channel.

Cable Caddy for Reels of Cable

As you can tell it’s very sturdy and it’ll save space in your work truck! For more information and to order this online visit

110 Punch Down Tool for only doing a couple of Keystone Jacks

This economy punch down tool is perfect for the at home installer. There’s no need to buy an expensive punch down tool if you’re only installing/repairing a few keystone jacks. This tool can be used on any of our cat3 jacks, cat5e jacks, cat6 jacks or any other 110 style termination products, like 110 blocks and patch panels. Let’s check it out from our YouTube channel.

As you can tell, it’ll do the trick if you need to only punch down a few jacks. For more information and to order online visit

Industrial RJ45 Modular Plug Overview and How to Crimp

Field-Installable Industrial RJ45 Modular Plugs are designed for termination of distribution cables and equipment cables connecting directly to such terminal and field devices as security cameras, industrial electronics, and for patching in environments where hardened and reliable connections are required. Plugs are also equipped for termination of stranded or solid conductor cables. PCB-based plug design guarantees high-quality termination in the field, while tool-less termination feature provides quick task completion. Let’s check out an overview and How To Video from our YouTube channel.

One of my favorite things I like about this Industrial RJ45 is that it’s made by Signamax. It’s a great company that has been around forever and inventory is easily found in the U.S. and internationally. Back to this Industrial RJ45, let’s review the features.

  • Meet ISO/IEC 11801 and ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 patch cord requirements
  • Overall “360-degree” solid-metal shielding design
  • Toolless field termination
  • Compatible with solid and stranded conductors
  • PCB-based electrical design
  • T568A and T568B wiring with an easy to read color-code wiring label
  • Rated for at least 750 insertion cycles
  • Compatible with all Signamax modular connectors

We do have these in stock in a Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A. For more information and or order online visit