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Why and How to wire a home – Part THREE

Let’s check out coaxial cables types for the home and what connectors are the most common.

So that’s what the F in F-connector stands for? After all this time I finally know this, check out part four soon!

The proper “CABLE TIE” for Aerial Wire and Cable attachment

So you need to run a cable aerially and attach it to an existing cable or messenger cable. You probably should be using these ties.

Not only are they UV rated but they contain an inhibitor which prolongs the life of the tie in outdoor environments, one piece design reduces installation time, outside serrations prevent cable damage, nice.

Let’s check out a video from our YouTube channel. 

We weren’t a big fan of the 500 piece box quantity so we ripped open a box and do sell them individually.

Heavy Duty Non-Metallic Enclosures at Your Service

Arlington Industries offer these cool UV resistant enclosures, a great choice for protecting networking equipment, power backups and more in a debris-free environment.

Let’s get a better look from our YouTube channel.

It’s an awesome enclosure for the price, you should probably stock a couple.



Why and How to wire a home – Part TWO

So we got our feet wet with part one, now let’s learn about the cabling layout in the home.

Stay tuned for part three where we’ll go over coaxial cables in the home.



Here’s a quick look at the difference of CATV cable vs CCTV cable from our good buddies at Tappan Wire and Cable.

If you’re looking to install a security camera system, you just found out what cable to start with.