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Why and How to wire a home – Part FOUR

Now this is the best explanation I’ve seen on YouTube regarding CATV signals in the home and splitter loss.

Good to know those terminator caps on open CATV ends make a big difference. Check out part 5 on residential network cabling.

Easiest way to test your IP camera installation image

Finally! An easy way to “POWER and VIEW” your IP camera during installation, here’s a quick demo!

Another cool thing about the ESK1000 I found out about recently while talking on the phone with an installation contractor is, he likes to make his adjustment on the camera then take his smartphone and verify with the customer what the field of view looks like and verifies that’s what the end user wants. It’s a great installation tool and I’m sure after using it on a couple projects you’ll really begin to love it.

Let’s go over the features.

– Provides the ability to troubleshoot camera lens and displays on installation site

– Streamline the process of a new IP camera installation

– Small and compact for portability

– High capacity power with lithium batteries

– Equipped with external WiFi router with a built-in DHCP server

– Supports EF Sidekick mobile app for IOS

– Multi-function use: smart phone charger (USB output) or wireless AP provider

– LED indicators for Power, POE and charging status

– PoE and DC Power Supply

connection esk100

For more info, availability and price, check out the ESK1000

Mobile Webstore! Now at your service!

Access mobile using your smartphone web browser. You can search products, view product videos, view specifications, place an order!

* Access to thousands of products

* Quickly find and order products

So next time you need to order parts, just reach into your pocket and order on your phone.

AFL CT-30 Fiber Optic Cleaver Overview

One of our most popular fiber optic kits is the AFL Fast kit that allows you to terminate connectors in the field quickly and accurately. The most costly part of a fiber kit seems to be the cleaver so we cracked it open to get a better look.

The CT-30 is equally at home in a splicing van or in a bucket truck and is ideal for FTTx applications. Don’t forget the 16-position blade yields 48,000 single-fiber cleaves, or 4,000 12-fiber ribbon cleaves before requiring replacement, and the built-in scrap collector conveniently stores fiber shards until they can be safely discarded.

The CT-30 Cleaver is packaged with three scrap collection options that allow the user to tailor it to their cleaving preferences. The CT30 is delivered with the SC-01 Side Cover installed for users that prefer not to use an automated scrap collection system. For those that prefer an automated scrap collection system, the FC-02 Fiber Collector and two scrap box options are included. The FDB-02 Scrap Box is a smaller bin for users seeking a compact profile. The FDB-03 Scrap Box is a larger bin with sweeping brush and static resistant surfaces for those users seeking to maximize scrap capacity. All scrap options are easily configured by the user.

Its also kinda sweet that the blade is replaceable and it’s fairly inexpensive. I also like how it’s compatible with the AFL Fujikura fusion splicer.

Considering this cleaver is also commonly used in industries such as Aerospace and Defense, Alternative Energy, Broadcast, Electric Utility, Fiber Optic Component and Equipment Manufacturing, Industrial Environments, Installers and Contractors, Medical, Mining, Oil and Gas, Security, Transportation and more helps to make this cleaver one of the most popular and reliable tools on the market.

For further questions you may contact: Mercy Salinas at 888-797-3697 ex 232

Wiring Nightmares!

If you follow our Facebook page you’re probably familiar with our “Monday Wiring” feature that we do every, Monday. We select a picture to display either an awesome wiring job or a nightmare job, here’s a video example of the nightmare ones.

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Total Internal Reflection in Fiber Optic Cable Explained

This is a great explanation, very simple and easy to understand.

If you’re looking for more cool videos on fiber check out our YouTube channel.