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What is DAS? (Distributed Antenna System)

Everyone knows that WIFI devices are extremely common and everyone seems to have at least one, even my 4 year old son has his own WIFI tablet so he can watch his Minecraft YouTube videos. The problem with all these devices lately has been the amount of strain that has been put on the cell tower antennas.

Let’s get to know DAS a bit better with a video helping to explain it by Superior Essex.

Now let’s take a quick look at how “small cells” are being added to your neighborhood to help ease the load and future demand of bandwidth on the towers.

Here’s a great example of what these DAS antennas look like in a neighborhood. You might want to mute the volume, sounds like this is some kind of political video to not allow these antenna in your neighborhood.

And finally here’s a great tutorial on DAS architecture.

If you were unfamiliar with DAS I hope this blog post has help you and ┬ádon’t forget to share it and I appreciate your time. Thanks!


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