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Why and How to wire a home – part FIVE

Part 5 of the Residential Network Cabling series will focus on UTP type cable and what to think about when installing the Cat 5e Cat 6 and Cat6A cables. Let’s check it out.

It was a long video but if you invest the time, especially if you’re new to communications wire and plan on a home install, you find it very informative. The one other think I do want to mention is when looking for a cable to look for a reputable brand. Be wary of the house brand from an online supplier or anything that this price much lower than a quality brand. We’ve seen copper clad aluminum being passed as 100% copper, 26awg passed as a 24awg and that causes many problems for your connectivity. We’ve even seen the 2 pairs colors the same, imaging wiring your jacks proper. Don’t forget to check out part 5 of this series, cable testing.




Need to Certify Fiber Optic Cable

Many fiber optic network bids and Requests For Quote (RFQ) are citing cabling standards to specify the set of guidelines (such as fiber length) that the network installer must follow during the network installation. Adherence to such standards is meant to ensure the quality of the installation and guarantee that the network will perform as it was designed. The process of testing a network installation to ensure its adherence to specified standards is called certification, and often requires hard-copy documentation as proof of adherence to standards. The OWL 4 BOLT Quad Test Kit contains the tools necessary for certifying fiber optic links against a myriad of popular cabling standards in singlemode and multimode networks without the high cost of  a comparable Fluke Fiber Certifier.

The Fiber OWL 4 BOLT contains a user-friendly Fiber Link Wizard that performs link budget calculation (including integrated fiber link length testing), and sets a reference value using the characteristics of the link. This reference is the PASS/FAIL threshold and is calculated against the chosen standard. Up to 1000 fiber runs may be stored, then downloaded to a PC for report generation using our OWL Reporter software. It also includes intelligent automated testing functions, such as automatic dual-wavelength storage and auto-wavelength recognition, which reduce testing time and human error.

Its quad-wavelength outputs are temperature-stabilized for accurate measurements. The WaveSource Quad has a built-in auto-wavelength switching protocol designed to synchronize the wavelength of the Fiber OWL 4 BOLT with the current output wavelength.

So, this tester has a ton of features for the price now let’s see it in action. Here’s an example of a Multimode test.

Here’s an example of a Singlemode test.

For more information on the OWL 4 BOLT Quad Test Kit visit Discount Low Voltage or you can contact Mercy Salinas at 888-797-3697 ex232.

1 port Gigabit Capable PoE/PoE+ Power Injector

Signamax Connectivity Systems 065-POEINJ-G 1-port Gigabit-capable PoE/PoE+ Power Injector is designed to be a compact and cost effective full compliant solution for Network Cameras, IP phones, Outdoor and Indoor Wireless Access Points, and other IP terminal installations. Unlike many competing products, the 065-POEINJ-G supports a 10/100/1000BaseT/TX RJ45 connection utilizing phantom power over RJ45 pins 4,5, 7, and 8, and supports either the 802.3 at (30 watt) and 802.3 at (15.4 watt) IEEE PoE and PoE+ standards in a compact package for wall or desktop mounting. The 065-POEINJ-G injector operates at temperatures ranging from 14° F to 104° F (-10° C to 40° C). This rugged, compact, and cost-effective PoE/PoE+ power injector is the easy answer for individual PoE or PoE+ deployments where PoE switches are not appropriate.

Key Features:

  • 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, and 1000BaseT support.
  • PoE (15.4 watts) and PoE+ (30 watts) supported.
  • Operating temperature range from 14° F to 104° F (-10° C to 40° C).
  • Rugged wall-mountable high-strength molded housing.

Another thing I like about this PoE injector is it’s 5 year warranty.

Home Automation Started Kit Overview

Our Home Automation Starter Kit includes the powerful Home Troller Zee controller, voted #1 home automation system controller for 2014 by Control your home via your smart phone and tablet, simplified navigation, event creation, event grouping and real time status view are just a view things you can do with this controller! Includes a plug-in module for anywhere in the home, a motion sensor to see when and if a door or window is open and a dimmer switch for you to turn on the lights right before you get home.

As you can tell this is an excellent offering to get you started and the controller is the “brains” of your system. The software for the Zee controller has a ton of features and anyone will be impressed with what you can do, after you get to know your controller you’ll be able to comfortably add more home automation modules. Let’s check out a great software overview video.

I’m sure by now your comfortable with the software on your computer and your ready to move on to controlling your home on your phone, that’s easy!

Another great thing about installing this kit is it’s your kit, no need for monthly recurring charges like many other kits on the market and it’s a great way to add to your quality of life.