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USB Electrical Receptacle for IPhone, Galaxy and more!

As you know with more and more iPads, iPods, iPhones, Tablets, Smart Phones, Bluetooth and everything else that’s mobile the need for a consistent and reliable place to charge your toy can become a bit burdensome sometimes, especially when you move your charger from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom or maybe you share a charger and it’s getting moved who knows where. Make your life a little easier with this USB Electrical Receptacle by Enerlites.

Is the installation of this USB receptacle the same as my old electrical receptacle? Sure let’s check out a cool video by the girls at DIY HIP Chicks on swapping out the old with the new!

With the 4amp power you’ll also get a quick charge! For a more detailed spec sheet, installation instructions on paper and to order this USB Receptacle online enter the part number in the search box 61501-TR2USB-W at Discount Low Voltage. Thanks!

Easy Plug and Play Network Video Recorder

If you’re worried about installing a Network Video Recorder because of work involved with setting up the IP camera to be properly networked to the NVR you won’t be with the Plug and Play Network Video Recorder by Everfocus.

This NVR eliminates the need for complicated network configuration and with the Power Over Ethernet switch also included you’ll eliminate the need for a master power supply and you’ll also simplify the cabling infrastructure by running one Cat5e cable for both the power and signal.

Full HD 1080P video output brings superior picture performance on a massive scale and with its H.264 compression it provides up to 1.5 times better compression ratio than MPEG-4 along with low bandwidth consumption.

Let’s get a better feel for it from our YouTube channel.

As you can tell this would be a great way to get your feet wet with IP cameras and a NVR. If you’re still on the fence but want 1080P quality you may want to consider the Everfocus line of HD cameras that use a traditional DVR.

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