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Dual Rate Multimode and Singlemode SFP fiber optic converter

Check this out, these have a built in 10/100/1000 switch that enables the fiber optic cable connection to operate at 1000 Mbps connected to either a 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, or a 1000BaseT network, while remaining completely 1000BaseSX/LX or 100BaseFX/BX standard-compliant for the fiber optic connection. You can also operate your fiber optic connection in full duplex mode whether the RJ-45 port is connected to a full duplex switch or a half duplex legacy hub!

Let’s check out a quick video on this cool media converter!

Here are some of the key features:

– Dual Rate 1000Base or 100Base SFP capability for maximum flexibility in legacy networks

– 802.3 10 BaseT, 802.3u 100BaseTX, 802.3ab 1000BaseT, 802.3z 1000BaseSX/LX

– Extremely low latency (<1.6 us, FIFO, worst case) supports larger multi-hop networks

– Extremely high reliability; MTBF of 1,857,775.35 hours (212.07 years)

– Gigabit transmission supports 9K bytes jumbo frames

– Supports 802.3x Flow controls: Flow control for full duplex and back pressure for half duplex

– Auto-Negotiation, Auto-MDI/MDIX

– DIP switch configuration for Link Fault Signaling and SFP 100Base or 1000Base modes

– Full wire-speed forwarding rate

– Packed with-speed forwarding rate

– Packed with 12VDC external universal power supply

Now that you have a better feel for this converter and if you need to connect carrier-based networks by converting SX Multimode distribution fiber to LX Singlemode fiber or LX Singlemode to LX Singlemode fiber you now can! The SFP modules that are available from Signamax are Two-Strand Gigabit, Single-strand Bi-Directional WDM, 10G XFP, SONET OC-3 and all kinds of other modules are available.

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Signal and Power Over Coax? Yes!

Now you can get Ethernet Over Coax with Power easily by simply using the new Palun converter by Everfocus. This is a great choice for when you need an IP solution at a location where coax is already ran and don’t want to deal with the labor and Cat5e material cost of a new cable run. Simply attach the send module on one end and the receive module on the other. Let’s check out a demo video from our YouTube channel.

Let’s go over some of the features.

– Maximum connection distance of 1148ft

– Automatic 802.3 & PoE detection

– Automatic MDI/MDI-X detection

– Any PoE device / PoE IP camera

– Cost saving, no need for re-cabling, keep the Coax for network surveillance

– Easy Installation

– Slim & compact design

An easy way to overturn the time consuming installation process, especially where some cable runs were a nightmare to run due to their location.

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