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EZ Path Firestop makes life easier?

Sure it does! When compared to traditional firestopping methods, you never stop paying. You pay to put it in and every time you make cable changes, you do it again. The more changes you make, the more it cost you both in time and money and not to mention disruption.

With the EZ-Path System, firestopping is a one-time event! No sealent, putty, or foam pads to remove and replace. Nothing to adjust. Nothing to loosen and re-tighten! When comparing cost to traditional sleeves sealed with putty, the EZ-Path will have paid for itself in just 3 cable changes or less.

Let’s get a better look at this cool firestopping technology.

You might also be asking yourself why is it square? The square shape allows cables to nest more tightly raising loading efficiency to as much as 85%. This means less smoke!

Now let’s look at the internal safety feature.

What do codes require?

STI is not concerned about smoke!

Let’s take a quick look at the series 22 model from our YouTube channel.

We have the 3 most common sizes available and if you need to find a data sheet or have any other questions contact Mercy Salinas at extension 232.


A Category 6 “Half U” 24 port patch panel?!

Yeah, you read right. A half rack space patch panel. It’s a new product and so far it’s received a mixed reception but I think this panel has it’s place in, of course high density applications. As you know, some data centers are really pack and space is a high premium so I could see how installing a few of these in a cabinet can go a long way, especially when things get crowded.

Here’s a couple of examples.

rack 1

example 2

Now let’s check out this “Half U” Patch Panel from our YouTube channel.

We’ll there it is, for pricing and everything else you need to know about this patch panel visit Discount Low Voltage.

I need some tools for running cable behind a wall, what you got?

We have this cool kit put together by Greenlee, it’s a good place to start so let’s check it out.

Now the D’Versibit flexible drill bit kit includes:

– The D’Versibit¬†

– Placement Tool

– Grip

The features mentioned for this tool kit are:

– Use to drill and pull wire through existing walls

– Drill through wood even slow speed and even pressure

– Flexible bit drills 9/16″ diameter holes in many kinds of wood

– Placement tool is used to position the bit inside of the wall

РGrip can be attached to the end of wire (10mm Р13mm). 

Now that you have some tools you might need some help on how to run your cable behind the wall, here’s the best video on YouTube showing you how it’s done.

Good luck on your install and to place and order for this kit we have them in stock!