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Best Practice of Safe Disposal of Fibers

While splicing or terminating optical fibers, pieces of fiber are cleaved off or can break off in the stripping process. This glass is very small, sometimes nearly microscopic. It is difficult to find, harder to remove and can get stuck in clothing, onto hands, and into the skin. If they were to end up in your lunch, they could lead to internal bleeding and conceivably death. The fiber technician not only has the responsibility for his or her own safety, but for the safety of others who may come in contact with this fiber.

fiber tech

Fiber scraps should never be thrown on the ground, on a floor, or openly placed in wastebaskets. Fiber debris should be confined in a special container or bagged in a zipper storage bag, sealed and then placed into a trash bin separate from those handled by the office cleaning staff.

Having trouble cleaving fiber cable? This might be why.

You just received your fiber optic cable, connectors and new tool kit. You get started and you hit a snag with your cleaver not appearing to work properly, you’re doing it according to the instructions included in the tool kit and you’ve watched the how-to video provided by the manufacture. So what’s the deal? This is the most common issue when contractors are new to terminating fiber optic connectors and after numerous conversations regarding the same common issue we’ve made a troubleshooting video that will solve your problem.

Let’s check it out from our YouTube channel.

I recall one of our recent cleaver troubleshooting phone calls where the contractor was about to raise the blade! Don’t do it! When you first receive your new cleaver it’s set and should last you a while before a blade adjustment is needed. Here’s a overview on a cleaver by AFL that also you shows how to make that blade adjustment.

If you purchased your fiber cable, fiber optic connectors and tools from us, thank you. If you have any further questions regarding fiber you may contact Mercy Salinas at 888-797-3697 extension 232.