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Archives for March 2016

The Best Surveillance Videos of March

Let’s check out the best surveillance videos from this month, I also enjoy inspecting the video quality and imagine what they could have done for a better image. Let’s check them out!

Store Clerk Saves Baby

Detroit Gas Station Shooting

Indianapolis Burglary

Dubai Airplane Crash

Terrorist hit Brussels 

Dognapper at Humane Society

Back Door Break In

Houston Gun Store Smash (Kyle’s favorite)

As you can tell video has been continuously improving over time and in a couple of these videos it’s time to upgrade to at least Analog High Definition.


Dielectric Armored Fiber or Aluminum Armored Fiber

There’s a dielectric armored fiber cable that’s been on the market for a couple of years now and it has not taken off as well as I expected. Let’s take a look at this cable from our YouTube channel.

I think maybe one of the issues is when a customer wants an armored cable, they want the most protection they can get. As mentioned in the video it has 4 times the protection compared to the aluminum armor that has 7 times the protection according to the manufacture. My personal belief, I think the aluminum has more than 7 times. The aluminum is so strong and durable and another issue that comes up is the end user is worried about the cable being cut by accident and the aluminum armored is no easy task. There’s even a tool to help you cut it open.

The other issue is grounding, sure the aluminum armor needs to be grounded but it’s fairly simple and it’s also talked about in one of our previous post.

On the other hand I can see this being a great choice for a location where you want a little more protection than your standard indoor cable and maybe there’s no convenient way to ground the fiber cable. The ball is in your court.

Need a VGA and other inserts in one plate?

This can be a pesky thing to deal with at the construction site, especially since you may install many traditional plates then need only one or two of these. We do have these available in the decora style, keep in mind that you’ll need to use a narrow style jack in each port. Let’s take a look at it from our YouTube channel.

It might not be a bad idea to also install it with a HDMI insert. For a spec sheet and to order online go to Discount-Low-Voltage.com

Arlington Industries Cableway

Arlington’s easy-to-install, non-metallic CABLEWAY system is the answer to a time-saving, UL Listed cable runway support system. New system components make it even faster and easier to install. Let’s go over the CABLEWAY system from our YouTube channel and let’s start with part number T205 which is the 5ft tray section.

Support brackets attach directly to framing members, without structural damage.

NEW styles include wall mount and flat surface support brackets.

They hold cables securely in place – and you can open the bracket for easier cable insertion and/or trough installation!

The slide-on five foot wire tray covers and protects cable – install additional trough sections as needed. They join together with coupling.

Angle and Tee make it easy to turn corners.

Push-on end caps complete the job!

The Arlington CABLEWAY is for Power or Low Voltage for new construction or old work and is UL listed as a cable runway support system.

Discount Low Voltage stocks the Arlington CABLEWAY and also offers them as individual items that will help make it more convenient for your installation. For pricing, dimensions and to order online visit Discount-Low-Voltage.com, thanks.


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