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Cleaning Kit for Fiber Optic Connectors

FCP2 Cleaning Kits from AFL offer a complete selection of fiber optic cleaning products for field cleaning of connector end faces in a convenient duffle bag style carry case. The Basic Cleaning Kit includes FCC2 cleaning fluid, One-Clicks for SC, ST, FC, LC and MU connectors, FiberWipes, and a Cletop SB. The carry case has room to add additional cleaning supplies, inspection scope, or test equipment.

Let’s take a look at it from our YouTube Channel.

Cleaning Facts:

  • Cleaning Saves Time and Money!
  • Dirty connectors cause a major percentage of fiber optic network failures.
  • Prevention is simple – Clean Connectors!
  • Proper cleaning saves money – by eliminating service calls caused by dirty connectors
  • Proper cleaning extends the life of connects and reduces replacement costs
  • Clean connectors maximize the performance of the network and reduce repair cost

For more information on this AFL cleaning kit and to order online visit

Outdoor Lockable Single Gang Electrical Box

The DRIBOX by Arlington Industries will accept any wiring device and standard size wall plate. It is a paintable white and is UV rated plastic for long outdoor life.

Let’s take a look from our YouTube channel.

And you can lock it! You probably should do that especially around public places. Here’s a look at installation instructions.

Install DRIBOX

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Tips for installing Outside Plant Anchors

Whenever possible, install anchors so that the guy rod, without bending, is as nearly as possible in line with the point of attachment on the pole. When locating anchors, provide the proper clearances. Locate anchors at the point desired from a construction viewpoint, when possible, as follows.

  • Away from traveled way to minimize interference with movements of people, machinery, automobiles, and other objects.
  • Near property lines, fences, barns, garages, and other items on private property so that the guys are a inconspicuous as possible.

When conditions allow, the lead of the guy should equal the height. If practical, avoid having a lead-to-height ratio greater than 1:4.

Here’s a great look at a building anchor from our YouTube channel. You do need your own square washer.


Fiber Optic Closure for Splicing

Designed with versatility in mind, the LightGuard (LG) 55 sealed closure from AFL offers a variety of solutions including repair, distribution splicing, grounding for Fiber-in-the-Loop applications, and for use as an isolation gap with armored cables.

Here’s a great look from our YouTube channel.

This closure accepts stranded loose tube, Uniflex or ribbon fiber cables in either armored or dielectric configurations and can be utilized in a butt or in-line configuration. The LG-55 closure incorporates a unique cable clamp design sealing the cable, allowing both of the cover halves to be removed without disturbing the contents. In addition, AFL’s Peel & Seal Grommet System is incorporated to ensure a tight fit on various cable diameters, fully sealing the closure and protecting the fiber while eliminating cumbersome tape and washers – making installation fast and easy.

Why and How to wire a home, cable testing – part SIX

Part 6 of the Residential Network Cabling series will focus on UTP type cable and what to think about when installing the Cat 5e Cat 6 and Cat6A cables. Let’s check it out.

I noticed one of the testers not shown is the VDVPro. This is one of the most preferred testers for the installation contractors. If you have time you might want to check out the overview video so you can fully unlock the potential of this tester.

To order the VDVPro visit Discount Low Voltage.

Copper Bus Bar

Here’s a great look at the copper bus bar manufactured from Damac on our YouTube channel.

Why do you need a Spiral Vibration Damper

To fight against Aeolian Vibration! It’s a high frequency, low amplitude vibration caused by horizontal wind passing across your line. When cables are exposed to this wind, a phenomenon known as vortex shedding creates alternating pressure unbalance, inducing cable and guy wire to move up and down at right angles to the direction of air flow. These vibrations take the form of discrete standing waves that can cause support hardware breakdown, guy wire fatigue, abrasion and eventually guy wire failure. The Spiral Vibration Damper is made of a solid thermal plastic that has been subjected to hundreds of field vibration studies. It is non-corrosive, effective in a broad range of frequencies and has no concentrated mass or clamping pressure that could damage guy wires.

Here’s a great look at the Spiral Vibration Damper from our YouTube channel.

Here’s a few examples of the wind causing problems on the lines.

If you want to dive into vibration isolation check out an open course from MIT.

A spiral vibration damper is just a small piece to your aerial fiber optic cable installation and is a must for a proper installation.

Under Carpet Cat6 4 pair Cable

Here’s a great look at an under carpet cable from our YouTube channel.

This is perfect for that can’t feel a cable under the carpet feel. You may also want to use EZ reach tape for ease of installation. For more information on the under carpet cable visit Discount Low