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Archives for April 2018

Weatherproof Industrial Category 6 Jack

Signamax industrial grade jacks provide the same high-level transmission performance as other Signamax twisted-pair connectors in-tended for regular commercial applications, but with a robustness capable to withstand harsh environments typical to factory floors, chemical, food processing plants, etc. Unique IP67-rated jack housing design guarantees superb protection against liquid and solid agents’ penetration, against vibrations, and for a long-life reliable performance. Jacks are furnished with dust caps to prevent exposure of unmated connectors and are available in an unscreened (UTP) and screened (FTP) versions.

Let’s take a look at this jack from our YouTube channel.


  • Unique IP67-rated jack housing design
  • Furnished with dust caps
  • Available in an unscreened (UTP) and screened (FTP) versions
  • Applications – factory floors, chemical, food processing plants
  • T568A and T568B wiring with an easy-to-read color-code wiring label
  • Termination with standard single-position 110 termination tool
  • Rear 110-type contacts provide improved wire retention and ease of termination
  • Contact design provides enhanced plug-to-jack connection integrity and protects against damage caused by insertion of 4 or 6 position plugs
  • Rated for at least 750 plug insertions

We also have the correct plates and boxes for a nice tight seal. To order online visit Discount-Low-Voltage.com

Rackmount LIU 2 Rackspace Fiber Optic Enclosure by Dynacom

Light interface units are extensively used for wired fiber optic communication networks. This LIU is used for routing, terminating and managing fiber cable terminations. This light interface unit is designed to be rack mounted. The outer body is made of high-quality steel with anti-corrosive black powder coating. Let’s check it out on our YouTube channel.

We also stock fiber optic connector adapter panel plates that are inserted into this enclosure. Different configurations are available for your installation.

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