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Archives for August 2018

Caddy Drop Rod with Shot Fire Bracket

It’s just a fact, you’re going to need to run your communications cable where there’s no easy way to do it. Discount Low Voltage has a solution that may save the day for you. Let’s check out the  Drop Rod with Shot Fire Bracket by Caddy.

CADDY Drop Rod with Shot Fire Features:

  • Quickly and easily attaches to concrete, steel or composite metal decking
  • Integrated pin installs easily using powder-actuated or single-shot gas-actuated tools
  • Works with most standard CADDY spring steel fasteners designed for rod attachments
  • Rod is rigid and does not require secondary attachment to ceiling grid per NEC 300.11
  • Includes pre-assembled end-cap
  • Specialized packaging simplifies material handling and minimizes sorting
  • Rods are ready to install out of the box

Let’s get a better look at CADDY part number DR4SF36 from our YouTube channel.

Seems like the CADDY Drop Rod with Shot Fire is a great solution in certain areas of your data cabling project. The one thing that really caught my eye though is that National Electric Code called out. So I decided to grab my NEC book and see what code 300.11 was all about.

National Electric Code Book

National Electric Code Book


Section 300.11 had a lot to it but, the part that stood out was in section B and it covers wiring systems installed above suspended ceilings. It states that support wires that do not provide secure support shall not be permitted as the sole support. Support wires and associated fittings that provide secure support and that are installed in addition to the ceiling grid support wires shall be permitted as the sole support. Where independent support wires are used, they shall be secured at both ends. Cables and raceways shall not be supported by ceiling grids.

Sounds like the CADDY Drop Rod with Shot Fire is also a bit of a labor saver due to the fact that you don’t need a secondary attachment to the ceiling grid. We have these available in a few different options. For pricing and availability visit Discount-Low-Voltage.com

What’s your favorite Drywall Ring?

We’ve sold many drywall rings over the years like the MP1P and MPLS and as you know Caddy has a few different styles. Let’s see what Rick’s favorite drywall ring is, he’s with the manufacturer.

I like the idea of the pointy marks on each corner, makes it easier to see and just cut with your drywall saw from point to point. The zip tie feeling of locking it in place seems easy enough and maybe it’s better than getting the screwdriver or drill out to tighten it.

The MP1P has been out for years now but, after all these years the Caddy MPLS drywall ring still sells much better. It’s been around forever and it’s what people have been used to. Even though I still get complaints of the screw on the MPLS. After installation on the inside of the drywall, the screw may cut into cables when being pulled through the hole.

Drywall cut and prepped for MP1P

MP1P pushed and installed into drywall MP1P Tabs pushed into wallErico Caddy MP1P installed

If you’ve never used the MP1P you should give them a try. They’re price a bit better and I think you’re going to like the way this installs on that drywall. To order online visit Discount-Low-Voltage.com

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