A new way to Data Center, install the DAMAC Structure

Traditional data centers are built from the ground up by anchoring cabinets and racks to the floor then adding aisle containment, cable routing and overhead power distribution. The process is time and labor intensive, with each phase typically handled by a different contractor.

With DAMAC Structures, we handle the entire process, from design and manufacturing through onsite assembly. As a result, DAMAC Structures can be up and running in 75 percent less time than a traditional facility.

Let’s take a look at a set up from our YouTube channel.

Other benefits include:

  • Flexibility. Seismic anchoring, aisle containment, cable routing and the overhead busway are independent of the racks and the room itself. Racks can easily be moved or added, and the whole system reconfigured as needed.
  • Versatility. The system can be designed to any specifications and accommodate any size server cabinet or rack, including racks from third-party vendors.
  • Consistency. DAMAC Structures enable you to develop a corporate standard for the data center infrastructure, streamlining moves, adds, changes and management.
  • Reduced building requirements. Because the DAMAC Structure supports the aisle-containment, cable routing and overhead busway components, your building’s ceiling system doesn’t have to.
  • Fewer connections. One power connection, one data in-feed and one cooling inlet will support the DAMAC Structure.
  • Power and cooling efficiency. The defined footprint of a DAMAC Structure enables you to optimize power and cooling.
  • Staged buildouts. DAMAC Structures can be installed as “pods” and expanded or reconfigured as needed.

With DAMAC Structures, you gain all the benefits of an agile, cost-optimized data center infrastructure without the need for complex, multiphase construction projects. Let us put the benefits of DAMAC Structures to work in your facility. For more information contact Discount-Low-Voltage.com

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