Need your J-Hook to “SWIVEL” on that beam?

While installing J-Hooks there are times where if you had that certain angle, your installation might be just a little easier. You’ll still comply with TIA/EIA bend radius standards for your Copper and Fiber Optic Cabling. What you might need is a swivel in your J-Hook.

J hook Swivel

Beam Clamp for J Hook Swivel


The part number for that Beam Clamp is CATHPBC200B that will allow you to swivel and is part of the CADDY HP J-Hook System. The CADDY CAT HP J-Hook System is an advanced, non-continuous pathway support solution for today’s high-performance cabling systems. Highly engineered features help ensure a stable and secure installation that complies with industry codes and standards for high-performance cables.

The CADDY CAT HP System is a cost-effective alternative to using wire mesh cable tray, ladder tray or similar complex alternatives. It requires significantly less material and installs in a fraction of the time of other methods. This versatile solution accommodates a wide range of attachment methods and is available as individual J-Hooks, pre-built CADDY CAT HP assemblies, and multi-tiered trees, as well as interchangeable CADDY CAT HP components. The CADDY CAT HP J-Hook System provides the perfect combination of performance, time savings, and versatility required by today’s datacom and electrical contractors.

For more information on the CADDY CAT HP System visit CADDY. To order CADDY J-Hooks and everything associated with the CAT HP System visit

Cable Caddy for Cable Reels

Just want to give you guys a heads up on the Cable Caddy. If you have to unreel cable without one of these you know it can be a big chore and a very irritating nuisance if you’re working all by yourself. Let’s check it out from our YouTube channel.

Cable Caddy for Reels of Cable

As you can tell it’s very sturdy and it’ll save space in your work truck! For more information and to order this online visit

Need help cleaning that ugly hole?!

It seems like there’s always that sore spot in the network cabling infrastructure that gets put into the “I’ll do it later” pile. Does this look familiar?

Holes for firestop


Get that eye sore out of your life and don’t let anyone know you don’t know how to properly cable. Get yourself a split sleeve by STI and make it look like this! SpecSeal Ready Split Sleeve kits easily install around existing cables. Each Ready Split Sleeve kit includes two preformed steel sleeve halves with rolled edges, steel escutcheon plates with intumescent gaskets, and a dosage of our SpecSeal SSP Firestop Putty. Ready Split Sleeve’s two-piece body and plates easily capture previously installed cables while tightly fastening to the penetrated barrier.


STI firestop split sleeve

Here’s a great look at the product from our YouTube channel.

Don’t forget, all data, video, communication, power, and control cabling shall be installed through sleeves wherever cables penetrate fire resistance rated barriers. In the case of existing cable installation, a split sleeve device with corresponding split escutcheon plates to facilitate installation around existing cables shall be used. Sleeves shall be sized to accommodate present cable bundle diameter as well as anticipated growth. Split sleeve kit provided with intumescent gaskets and non-hardening intumescent firestop putty. When irregularly shaped openings are encountered, the split sleeve device is UL tested and classified for this purpose. The split sleeve device is UL Classified and tested to the requirements of ASTM E 814 (ANSI/UL 1479).

To order online or for more information visit

Firestop Fundamentals

Here’s a great video regarding the fundamentals of Firestopping, if your new to Firestopping you want to get off on the right foot before you just start slapping putty everywhere.

Obviously there’s a lot of different areas that will require Firestopping, so STI has many different products available for your specific installation. Here’s a great look at some of the many products by STI that we have in stock.

Firestop pad for electrical boxes.

EZ Path Smoke and Acoustical Pathway Device

Firestop Plug for Conduit Sleeves

These are just a few of the many STI Firestop products that we have available. For our complete offering of Firestop products, specification sheets and pricing visit

STI Firestop now in stock!

STI is an industry leader in developing innovative fire protection systems that help stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes. For over 25 years, our management team has worked hand in hand with the construction industry to create simple solutions to complex firestopping problems. Because our system designs are user-driven, they are easier to apply. The result is simply designed, outstanding fire protection systems which often result in lower installed costs.

STI products and systems offer innovative firestop solutions for all types of new construction and retrofit applications. Since firestopping is our only business, we concentrate all our resources on providing the highest quality, fully tested, innovative firestopping solutions.

For pricing and availability on Firestop Sleeves, EZ Path, Sealants, Collars, Pillows, Sausages, Pails and more visit


What is minimum bend radius?

Minimum bend radius is the smallest allowed radius the cable is allowed to be bent around. While cabling, these cables are bent in many different directions when going through conduits and when pulling around a sheave.

Cables are composed of different components and if bent too far you may put too much stress on those components to the point of damaging them. For example, a 6 strand indoor fiber optic cable if pulled too hard around a tight 90 may appear to be fine once the cable pull is finished. Unfortunately, what commonly happens is the stress around that 90 caused the individual strands to break under the jacket. To prevent this kind of damage, cable standards such as The National Electric Code (NEC) and the Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA) formed requirements for minimum bend radius.

How to Calculate Minimum Bend Radius.



The figure above  shows a cable with an outer diameter of 2 inches being bent around a radius of 12 inches. The minimum bend radius is based on the diameter of the cable and the type of cable. The following formula is used.

Minimum Bend Radius = Cable Outer Diameter x Cable Multiplier

Cable multipliers are determined by industry standards and vary from cable to cable. When purchasing a cable, check the spec sheet, many manufactures have the minimum bend radius provided to you for each cable part number.


Need help Fire Stopping high traffic areas?

Before you go purchasing Firestop material make sure you have the correct type for your installation, measure twice cut once. Here’s a great overview video of many different types of products for your particular installation.

Let’s take a look at one of the more popular item in that video, the Composite Sheet.

The Composite Sheet is an excellent choice for medium to large openings through common constructions, cable trays that handle communications and power, multiple metallic conduits, tubing and more. You can also cut and shape it to your desire using common sheet metal tools and when burns it expands up to 15X original size and that’s amazing!

For more information on the Composite Sheet and many other Fire Stopping products visit

Cabling to go through a Drop Ceiling?

Routing low voltage wiring through suspended ceiling installations is no longer a problem. The CTS cable penetration system organizes your cable wires and is easy to install while leaving a clean look.

Let’s take a look at this system from our YouTube channel.

Here’s an example of a common why to do it, as you can tell it does not look as clean.


Now if you use the cable entrance plate and you dress the cables nice and straight now that’s how you do it. To order this online visit


Epson LW-600P Overview

The LW-600P is the mobile label printer of choice for users who need to create labels in no-electricity available environments. These Bluetooth label printers print on 5 sizes of tape (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″) using batteries. Easy set up requires no special driver or network. In a lab or in-the-field installation using the Epson iLabel app for iOS and Android (free app available at the App Store or Google play) provides all the features you would expect. Bar codes are no problem. QR codes as well as Code 39, Code 128, ITF, Codabar, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, and EAN-13 are available. Add frames, symbols, or photos to your label. Use your contact list to create an address label. If you smart phone or tablet supports voice to text recognition — you talk, it prints! Even hand write a label if you want. Easily add a timestamp, adapt designs from the label catalog and use real time preview-check out the label positioning on your smartphone.

Connect to laptop or workstation with USB and if preferred, use the included adapter with easy-to-use Label Editor Software for Windows® featuring 1000+ templates. Share between multiple users and devices. Easily insert images, borders, barcodes and symbols. Save time typing text importing data in .csv, .txt and .xls(x) formats and pick and choose only the labels you need printed. Label Editor Lite for Mac features only QR barcodes (not all formats), date and time function and importing logos or images but not data files. Professional labels can be designed and stored easily with either program.

The LW-600P features less margin waste (up to 60% compared to other brands), 180dpi, auto cutter and prints on a wide variety of durable, thermal transfer LC supplies including Standard Tape, Clear Tap, Glow-in-the-Dark Tape, Iron-On Tape, Metallic, Pearlized, Reflective, Ribbon (non-adhesive), Strong Adhesive, Fluorescent, and Cable Wrap tapes.

Let’s take a look at it from our YouTube Channel.

Here’s some quick features.

  • Easily create patch panel labels with the iLabel app
  • Iron-on labels make it easy to identify clothing
  • The LW-600P is completely wireless. Print your labels on-the-go with any mobile device
  • Ribbon tape adds a great personal touch to gifts or packaging
  • Use just your finger to create labels with a handwritten look
  • Self-laminating wire wrap is a durable solution for wire and cable identification

As you can tell this printer can do a whole lot for the price, we have them in stock when your ready to order! Thanks.

Meet the Label King! The LW-PX900 by EPSON and K-Sun

The LW-PX900 label printer is the future of economical and time-saving electronic label, heat-shrink tube, and bar-code printers.

The K-Sun LW-PX900 label printer features a high-speed, 360dpi print output that creates highly visible and detailed labels, bar codes and wire identification faster and with better detail than our competitor’s models. A 4mm standard lead margin, and the ability to reduce tape waste down to 1mm is an industry leading cost saving feature.

Let’s take a look at a great overview video from our YouTube channel.

Industrial specific hot-keys streamline and simplify template selection from among 6 different styles and applications for wire-wrap, patch panels and punch blocks. Never lose a label with our special “Drop-Stop” feature. This is especially handy with the LW-PX900’s exclusive “Pick-and-Print” mode. The printer will automatically wait to print and cut the next label in a batch. With these portable label printers all you have to do is print, grab, and go!

Auto-cut and half-cut come standard in this powerful hand held label printer, and an industry first “Mixed Length” option saves you significant time by allowing you to create variable length labels in a single print! The eight bar-code formats including 2D QR codes, 1000+ symbols, and multiple design effects expand application diversity and expand use for many other labeling needs. Auto alphanumeric sequencing plus repeat and reversed color printing add to the flexibility of label and heat-shrink tube creation.

I do want to highlight the mixed label feature, if you use your printer often you know one of the biggest irritants is the type, print, delete, repeat process when you have many different types of labels that need to get made. The drop, stop and pick option is also a personal favorite due to the magnets (included with the deluxe option) on the bottom of the printer. It’s pretty awesome when you put this printer on the side of a communications rack when labeling patch cords and panels and just pick a label out.

Here’s a quick look on how simple it is to print different labels.

Now that your getting a better feel for the LW-PX900 let’s go over some of the features.

  • Saves on wasted tape with short 4mm lead margin
  • Fast print speeds of up to 35mm/sec
  • Print label widths up to 1.5″
  • Prints on shrink tube up to 7/8″
  • Crisp, clear 360 dpi printing resolution
  • Print on die-cut square, circle, or oval supplies
  • Cost-effective tape cartridges yield more labels
  • Half-cut function makes it easy to serialize strips of labels
  • “Drop-Stop” and “Pick and Print” features help users quickly and easily print in the field
  • Industrial strength removable magnets included in full kit
  • Information can be uploaded and stored into the printer via the software and USB cable
  • Integrated handle makes it easier to carry around the workplace or in the field
  • Energy Star qualified

Here’s a short tutorial explaining the key functions of the LW-PX900

Now that you know the LW-PX900 can do many different types of printing you need some ideas on what applications to use this printer on, here’s a few of the more common ones.

How about we make magnet labels. You can print on many different colors for inventory management, whiteboard, bin labeling or wherever a label is needed but with the convenience of being a magnet.

Magnet labels for EPSON and K-Sun printer


Labeling network patch panels and communication copper and fiber optic cables also gives a very professional and organized look in the telecom closet.

patch panels patch cords

If your looking for something a bit more rugged and durable you might want to consider heat shrink tube markers for electrical, communications, fiber, audio or any type of cable and with sizes up to 7/8″ that should cover you for most applications.

Heat Shrink labels

Industrial grade adhesive labels and heat shrink tube markers are also excellent for laboratory, home, office, medical, commercial and anywhere you need a professional durable label.

industrial label

All of these features and benefits are packed into futuristic design made of industrial grade high-impact plastic that meets MilSpec drop test specifications. A handle was also designed into the frame for easy portability, and front load tape design for easy loading of cartridges. Don’t forget about the quick change magnets that are included in the full kit to give you hands-free label printing in tight environments where efficient use of space is a must.

For more information on the Epson K-Sun LW-PX900 contact Mercy Salinas at extension 232, phone number 888-797-3697 and you can also visit for specification sheets and to order online today.