Information Technology Tip Thursday – 10,000 Linux servers hit

Apparently a malware attack dubbed “Windigo” has been active since 2011 and continues to hit Linux servers.


So irritating that there’s scum creating attacks like this! Check out the full story here: Windigo

Information Technology Tip Thursday – Containing Rogue Access

Keith has a ton of cool videos just like this one on containing rouge access points.

Information Technology Tip Thursday – Hackers again!

Who are these people? 300,000 wire routers gone fishing. Check out the full story and find out if you’ve been hacked.


Information Technology Tip Thursday – Raspberry Pi and how to get started

The Raspberry Pi has been a real cool micro computer and I’m sure you’ve seen many different applications that it can be used for. Here’s a great read on what you need to know before you get started with your Raspberry Pi.


Information Technology Tip Thursday – Colossus 70th anniversary

It was the 70th anniversary of the Colossus computer, it was first used to try and crack messages sent by Hitler to his generals on February 5th 1944. This is a great podcast by the BBC, worth the listen, I promise.

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Information Technology Tip Thursday – RFP-IT ACT

Two members of Congress are floating legislation that would give the U.S. government’s chief technology officer the power to review and in some cases take charge of major information technology projects throughout the government. The Reforming Federal Procurement of Information Technology, or RFP-IT, Act would put the power of legislation behind the position of federal chief technology officer, which has existed since the start of the Obama Administration.

todd park

Someone is going to be very busy! Read the entire article here: RFP Information Technology ACT

Information Technology Tip Thursday – 2013 Stories Missed

Here’s a great read from WIRED

zmap photo

I think the ZMap story is the most interesting.

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Information Technology Tip Thursday – MAC flashback trojan

It’s alive! MAC flashback trojan still infecting 22,000 computers! Will this thing ever die.

Check out the full article here: MAC Flashback Trojan


Information Technology Tip Thursday – The return of a classic

I just wanted to notify you IT professionals that “the best-selling router of all time” is back!

Linksys WRT1900AC

Check out the article here:Classic Blue Router with Open Source

Information Technology Tip Thursday – 30 Skills every IT person should have

With the complexity of computer networks evolving so fast it’s every IT professionals job to also be on top of his skills. Nunchuck skills did not make the list.

1. Be able to fix basic PC issues.

2. Work the help desk.

3. Do public speaking.

4. Train someone.

5. Listen more than you speak.

6. Know basic networking.

7. Know basic system administration.

8. Know how to take a network trace.

9. Know the difference between latency and bandwidth.

10. Script.

11. Back up.

12. Test backups.

13. Document.

14. Read “The Cuckoo’s Egg.”

15. Work all night on a team project.

16. Run cable.

17. You should know some energy rules of thumb.

18. Manage at least one project.

19. Understand operating costs versus capital projects.

20. Learn the business processes.

21. Don’t be afraid to debate something you know is wrong.

22. If you have to go to your boss with a problem, make sure you have at least one solution.

23. There is no such thing as a dumb question, so ask it … once.

24. Even if it takes you twice as long to figure something out on your own versus asking someone else, take the time to do it yourself.

25. Learn how to speak without using acronyms.

26. IT managers: Listen to your people.

27. IT managers: If you know the answer, ask the right questions for someone else to get the solution; don’t just give the answer.

28. IT managers: The first time someone does something wrong, it’s not a mistake — it’s a learning experience.

29. IT managers: Always give people more work than you think they can handle.

30. IT managers: Square pegs go in square holes.

If you want more information on these 30 skills ckeck out the full article:

30 Information Technology Skills

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