110 Punch Down Tool for only doing a couple of Keystone Jacks

This economy punch down tool is perfect for the at home installer. There’s no need to buy an expensive punch down tool if you’re only installing/repairing a few keystone jacks. This tool can be used on any of our cat3 jacks, cat5e jacks, cat6 jacks or any other 110 style termination products, like 110 blocks and patch panels. Let’s check it out from our YouTube channel.

As you can tell, it’ll do the trick if you need to only punch down a few jacks. For more information and to order online visit Discount-Low-Voltage.com.

Let’s demonstrate the “Easy RJ45” connector and crimp tool

So we received a new shipment of these pass through easy RJ45 connectors. I’ve heard of these for a while now and I said to myself, let’s check them out. The pass through RJ45 connector  (Part Number EC-RJ45) makes terminating your network category cables easy. All you have to do is pass your wires through the easy RJ45 connector and the guides inside the connector will hold all the copper conductors in place. Then you use the EC-RJ45 crimp tool to crimp. With it’s built in blade this tool crimps and cuts all of the excess copper conductors off the end of the Easy RJ45 connector at the same time.

Let’s check out a demo from our YouTube channel.

The gold contacts don’t get enough credit. They’re 3 pronged and because of that you can crimp connectors on solid or stranded copper conductors. The crimp tool also works with standard RJ11 and RJ45 connectors.

After posting this video on our Facebook Page a fan wanted to get a look at the shielded Cat6 connector. So we decided to do another video for the shielded Cat6 connector.

Shielded Cat6 Easy RJ45 Connector

After using this tool and these connectors. The Eclipse Tools brand has come through with a quality connector and crimp tool. The shielded part of the connector also feels like it’s quality made. A customer on the YouTube channel also likes the quality of the shield and connector overall. I’ve also gained confidence with this brand knowing that it cut the end of the copper conductors clean and flush off the connector. I’ve heard that some low end crimp tools don’t do a good job of that. The connector and crimp tool is in stock and ready to ship today.

For more information and to order online visit Discount-Low-Voltage.com

Need help fishing wire?

Anything that can help your installation go easier is a plus! Let’s check out the Magnepull.

Here’s a great look at running cable behind drywall.

Here’s a great look at how to do it under carpet!

Look’s easy right, let’s open it fresh out the box and get a good look at the Magnepull.

As you can see, if your always pulling wire and cable this would be an important tool to keep handy. Order the Magnepull online at Discount-Low-Voltage.com

Why and How to wire a home, cable testing – part SIX

Part 6 of the Residential Network Cabling series will focus on UTP type cable and what to think about when installing the Cat 5e Cat 6 and Cat6A cables. Let’s check it out.

I noticed one of the testers not shown is the VDVPro. This is one of the most preferred testers for the installation contractors. If you have time you might want to check out the overview video so you can fully unlock the potential of this tester.

To order the VDVPro visit Discount Low Voltage.

Under Carpet Cat6 4 pair Cable

Here’s a great look at an under carpet cable from our YouTube channel.

This is perfect for that can’t feel a cable under the carpet feel. You may also want to use EZ reach tape for ease of installation. For more information on the under carpet cable visit Discount Low Voltage.com.

Need a VGA and other inserts in one plate?

This can be a pesky thing to deal with at the construction site, especially since you may install many traditional plates then need only one or two of these. We do have these available in the decora style, keep in mind that you’ll need to use a narrow style jack in each port. Let’s take a look at it from our YouTube channel.

It might not be a bad idea to also install it with a HDMI insert. For a spec sheet and to order online go to Discount-Low-Voltage.com

5 port Gigabit Switch by Intellinet

This Intellinet Gigabit Ethernet Switch is an excellent choice for your home network or for a small office.

Let’s get a good look at it from our YouTube channel.

Let’s go over the features.

– 10/100/1000 auto-sensing Auto MDI-X ports – automatically detect optimal network speeds

– High Performance, half and full duplex, with zero packet loss

– Full flow control support provides optimum performance

– Auto-learning of network configuration

– Supports up to 8192 MAC address entries

– 128 kBytes buffer memory

– Supports jumbo frames up to 9kBytes

– Store and forward switching architecture

– Non-blocking wire-speed forwarding and filtering

– Three year warranty

You get all these features and a quality product for a little over 20 bucks! Order it online!

I need some tools for running cable behind a wall, what you got?

We have this cool kit put together by Greenlee, it’s a good place to start so let’s check it out.

Now the D’Versibit flexible drill bit kit includes:

– The D’Versibit 

– Placement Tool

– Grip

The features mentioned for this tool kit are:

– Use to drill and pull wire through existing walls

– Drill through wood even slow speed and even pressure

– Flexible bit drills 9/16″ diameter holes in many kinds of wood

– Placement tool is used to position the bit inside of the wall

– Grip can be attached to the end of wire (10mm – 13mm). 

Now that you have some tools you might need some help on how to run your cable behind the wall, here’s the best video on YouTube showing you how it’s done.

Good luck on your install and to place and order for this kit we have them in stock!


Discount Low Voltage welcomes MuxLab!

In stock now! MuxLab is a leading designer and manufacturer of connectivity solutions that allow Audio-Video, Broadcast, and CCTV equipment to be connected via cost-efficient Cat5e/6 copper twisted pair in the structured cabling environment.

For 30 years, the MuxLab brand has been synonymous with quality, performance and reliability. MuxLab solutions streamline cabling by reducing material, space and installation costs. Even after installation, MuxLab products help save time and money by facilitating moves, adds and changes. Whichever market you love and serve MuxLab has a solution for you! Our products are found in applications such as CCTV security and surveillance, classroom video, digital signage, home theater, guestroom entertainment, podium presentation and boardroom projection systems, to name a few.

Proud to be Canadian, all MuxLab products are designed and manufactured in Canada, by Canadian professionals. Your #1 Choice for CCTV and Audio-Video Connectivity Solutions. Let’s get a better look at a couple of there products that’ll provide a solution to your problem.

Need to convert HD-SDI to HDMI via Cat5e?

Need to convert HDMI to VGA?

What about extending your HDMI signal via Cat5e?

Need a further VGA signal?

These are just a couple of examples of how MuxLab provides connectivity solutions via twisted pair. For price and availability visit Discount Low Voltage.

USB Electrical Receptacle for IPhone, Galaxy and more!

As you know with more and more iPads, iPods, iPhones, Tablets, Smart Phones, Bluetooth and everything else that’s mobile the need for a consistent and reliable place to charge your toy can become a bit burdensome sometimes, especially when you move your charger from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom or maybe you share a charger and it’s getting moved who knows where. Make your life a little easier with this USB Electrical Receptacle by Enerlites.

Is the installation of this USB receptacle the same as my old electrical receptacle? Sure let’s check out a cool video by the girls at DIY HIP Chicks on swapping out the old with the new!

With the 4amp power you’ll also get a quick charge! For a more detailed spec sheet, installation instructions on paper and to order this USB Receptacle online enter the part number in the search box 61501-TR2USB-W at Discount Low Voltage. Thanks!