Building Entrance Telephone Lightning Protection

Before we dive into the Circa product let’s talk about why you need protection. The National Electric Code Article 800, and the Canadian Electric Code Section 60, Subsection 200 and 202, requires the use of surge protection for telephone lines. Today’s sensitive telecommunications equipment requires more protection than ever to safeguard it against damage caused by lightning or electrical surges. Circa Building Entrance Terminals help to protect your equipment investment with sizes and features that adapt to your special needs. Daily fluctuations in current can wear down, and eventually destroy, fragile circuitry before its time.

How is this protection used? Circa’s protectors are designed for flexibility that assures a perfect fit for your business, residential and campus applications. We offer a variety of capacity options (1, 2 , 6, 10, 12 , 25, 50, 100, 200 and 300 pair sizes) that can be deployed in multiples for high pair count applications. Circa Building Entrance Terminals (BET’s) are both rack and wall-mountable. Input/output options include 110 connectors, 66 blocks, BIX connectors, swivel stubs, RJ21X connectors and pre-connected MS2 or 710 connectors. Remember to install a suitable protector on both ends of every exposed line leading into your telecommunications and networking equipment, whether aerial or buried. Proper grounding is essential for rated performance of protection circuitry.

Let’s take a look at some of the different size blocks and fuses that go along with them from our YouTube channel.

These are just a few examples of Circa’s offerings. You can order these or if you have a Circa part number that is not on the site contact us and order online.


Copper Bus Bar

Here’s a great look at the copper bus bar manufactured from Damac on our YouTube channel.

Meet the Label King! The LW-PX900 by EPSON and K-Sun

The LW-PX900 label printer is the future of economical and time-saving electronic label, heat-shrink tube, and bar-code printers.

The K-Sun LW-PX900 label printer features a high-speed, 360dpi print output that creates highly visible and detailed labels, bar codes and wire identification faster and with better detail than our competitor’s models. A 4mm standard lead margin, and the ability to reduce tape waste down to 1mm is an industry leading cost saving feature.

Let’s take a look at a great overview video from our YouTube channel.

Industrial specific hot-keys streamline and simplify template selection from among 6 different styles and applications for wire-wrap, patch panels and punch blocks. Never lose a label with our special “Drop-Stop” feature. This is especially handy with the LW-PX900’s exclusive “Pick-and-Print” mode. The printer will automatically wait to print and cut the next label in a batch. With these portable label printers all you have to do is print, grab, and go!

Auto-cut and half-cut come standard in this powerful hand held label printer, and an industry first “Mixed Length” option saves you significant time by allowing you to create variable length labels in a single print! The eight bar-code formats including 2D QR codes, 1000+ symbols, and multiple design effects expand application diversity and expand use for many other labeling needs. Auto alphanumeric sequencing plus repeat and reversed color printing add to the flexibility of label and heat-shrink tube creation.

I do want to highlight the mixed label feature, if you use your printer often you know one of the biggest irritants is the type, print, delete, repeat process when you have many different types of labels that need to get made. The drop, stop and pick option is also a personal favorite due to the magnets (included with the deluxe option) on the bottom of the printer. It’s pretty awesome when you put this printer on the side of a communications rack when labeling patch cords and panels and just pick a label out.

Here’s a quick look on how simple it is to print different labels.

Now that your getting a better feel for the LW-PX900 let’s go over some of the features.

  • Saves on wasted tape with short 4mm lead margin
  • Fast print speeds of up to 35mm/sec
  • Print label widths up to 1.5″
  • Prints on shrink tube up to 7/8″
  • Crisp, clear 360 dpi printing resolution
  • Print on die-cut square, circle, or oval supplies
  • Cost-effective tape cartridges yield more labels
  • Half-cut function makes it easy to serialize strips of labels
  • “Drop-Stop” and “Pick and Print” features help users quickly and easily print in the field
  • Industrial strength removable magnets included in full kit
  • Information can be uploaded and stored into the printer via the software and USB cable
  • Integrated handle makes it easier to carry around the workplace or in the field
  • Energy Star qualified

Here’s a short tutorial explaining the key functions of the LW-PX900

Now that you know the LW-PX900 can do many different types of printing you need some ideas on what applications to use this printer on, here’s a few of the more common ones.

How about we make magnet labels. You can print on many different colors for inventory management, whiteboard, bin labeling or wherever a label is needed but with the convenience of being a magnet.

Magnet labels for EPSON and K-Sun printer


Labeling network patch panels and communication copper and fiber optic cables also gives a very professional and organized look in the telecom closet.

patch panels patch cords

If your looking for something a bit more rugged and durable you might want to consider heat shrink tube markers for electrical, communications, fiber, audio or any type of cable and with sizes up to 7/8″ that should cover you for most applications.

Heat Shrink labels

Industrial grade adhesive labels and heat shrink tube markers are also excellent for laboratory, home, office, medical, commercial and anywhere you need a professional durable label.

industrial label

All of these features and benefits are packed into futuristic design made of industrial grade high-impact plastic that meets MilSpec drop test specifications. A handle was also designed into the frame for easy portability, and front load tape design for easy loading of cartridges. Don’t forget about the quick change magnets that are included in the full kit to give you hands-free label printing in tight environments where efficient use of space is a must.

For more information on the Epson K-Sun LW-PX900 contact Mercy Salinas at extension 232, phone number 888-797-3697 and you can also visit for specification sheets and to order online today.

Best Practice of Safe Disposal of Fibers

While splicing or terminating optical fibers, pieces of fiber are cleaved off or can break off in the stripping process. This glass is very small, sometimes nearly microscopic. It is difficult to find, harder to remove and can get stuck in clothing, onto hands, and into the skin. If they were to end up in your lunch, they could lead to internal bleeding and conceivably death. The fiber technician not only has the responsibility for his or her own safety, but for the safety of others who may come in contact with this fiber.

fiber tech

Fiber scraps should never be thrown on the ground, on a floor, or openly placed in wastebaskets. Fiber debris should be confined in a special container or bagged in a zipper storage bag, sealed and then placed into a trash bin separate from those handled by the office cleaning staff.

Having trouble cleaving fiber cable? This might be why.

You just received your fiber optic cable, connectors and new tool kit. You get started and you hit a snag with your cleaver not appearing to work properly, you’re doing it according to the instructions included in the tool kit and you’ve watched the how-to video provided by the manufacture. So what’s the deal? This is the most common issue when contractors are new to terminating fiber optic connectors and after numerous conversations regarding the same common issue we’ve made a troubleshooting video that will solve your problem.

Let’s check it out from our YouTube channel.

I recall one of our recent cleaver troubleshooting phone calls where the contractor was about to raise the blade! Don’t do it! When you first receive your new cleaver it’s set and should last you a while before a blade adjustment is needed. Here’s a overview on a cleaver by AFL that also you shows how to make that blade adjustment.

If you purchased your fiber cable, fiber optic connectors and tools from us, thank you. If you have any further questions regarding fiber you may contact Mercy Salinas at 888-797-3697 extension 232.

5 port Gigabit Switch by Intellinet

This Intellinet Gigabit Ethernet Switch is an excellent choice for your home network or for a small office.

Let’s get a good look at it from our YouTube channel.

Let’s go over the features.

– 10/100/1000 auto-sensing Auto MDI-X ports – automatically detect optimal network speeds

– High Performance, half and full duplex, with zero packet loss

– Full flow control support provides optimum performance

– Auto-learning of network configuration

– Supports up to 8192 MAC address entries

– 128 kBytes buffer memory

– Supports jumbo frames up to 9kBytes

– Store and forward switching architecture

– Non-blocking wire-speed forwarding and filtering

– Three year warranty

You get all these features and a quality product for a little over 20 bucks! Order it online!

24-Port Gigabit Intellinet Ethernet Switches now in stock!

Need to boost your network speed? The Intellinet Gigabit Ethernet switch offers an array of features while providing superior network throughput. The 24 ports are also auto-sensing so it automatically detects network speeds of 10/100/1000. With a backplane speed of 48 Gbps, there’s plenty of performance available for your computers, servers and many other types of networking devices.

Let’s get a good look at it from our YouTube Channel.

For more information such as a data sheet, user manual and to order visit our website! Thanks.

A Category 6 “Half U” 24 port patch panel?!

Yeah, you read right. A half rack space patch panel. It’s a new product and so far it’s received a mixed reception but I think this panel has it’s place in, of course high density applications. As you know, some data centers are really pack and space is a high premium so I could see how installing a few of these in a cabinet can go a long way, especially when things get crowded.

Here’s a couple of examples.

rack 1

example 2

Now let’s check out this “Half U” Patch Panel from our YouTube channel.

We’ll there it is, for pricing and everything else you need to know about this patch panel visit Discount Low Voltage.

Discount Low Voltage welcomes MuxLab!

In stock now! MuxLab is a leading designer and manufacturer of connectivity solutions that allow Audio-Video, Broadcast, and CCTV equipment to be connected via cost-efficient Cat5e/6 copper twisted pair in the structured cabling environment.

For 30 years, the MuxLab brand has been synonymous with quality, performance and reliability. MuxLab solutions streamline cabling by reducing material, space and installation costs. Even after installation, MuxLab products help save time and money by facilitating moves, adds and changes. Whichever market you love and serve MuxLab has a solution for you! Our products are found in applications such as CCTV security and surveillance, classroom video, digital signage, home theater, guestroom entertainment, podium presentation and boardroom projection systems, to name a few.

Proud to be Canadian, all MuxLab products are designed and manufactured in Canada, by Canadian professionals. Your #1 Choice for CCTV and Audio-Video Connectivity Solutions. Let’s get a better look at a couple of there products that’ll provide a solution to your problem.

Need to convert HD-SDI to HDMI via Cat5e?

Need to convert HDMI to VGA?

What about extending your HDMI signal via Cat5e?

Need a further VGA signal?

These are just a couple of examples of how MuxLab provides connectivity solutions via twisted pair. For price and availability visit Discount Low Voltage.

Pivot Frame Wall Rack Preferred by Contractors?

The 4U Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack makes network equipment installation and maintenance easy for installers. Its pivot feature allows the rackmount frame to swing down and stop at 90 degrees, giving installers full access to the rear of equipment. Even when in the open/down position, the rack can withstand the force of punching down multiple connections – a feature especially helpful when installing patch panels. The Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack is built with a 12″ depth making it suitable for network and telecom devices such as patch panels, network switches, routers, and more. Its modular design allows you to mount multiple racks above and/or below each other creating a larger rack solution. Ample cable routing is available with the open frame design, as well as the laser knockouts on either side of the rack. Gain full access to all sides of your equipment with the Pivot Frame Wall Mount Rack. Available in a 4U and an 8U, let’s check out the 4U version from our YouTube channel.


– 90 degree swing down. Pivoting rackmount frame swings down to allow easy access to the rear of installed network equipment. An integrated positive stop prevents the frame from being opened more than 90 degrees to avoid causing damage or strain to your equipment and connections. A latching mechanism securely holds the frame in a closed position

– Open Frame Design. Open frame design allows the rack to be installed over existing equipment without having to remove and re-terminate network cables. Its design and the laser knockouts on both sides of the rack also provide numerous locations for routing cabling in and out of the rack.

– Cable management. The rear lacing panels on either side of the rack allow for excess cabling to be secured with the use of Velcro and cable ties

– Easy to Install. Rack ships completely assembled making installation easy.

– Heavy Duty. The steel construction makes the rack capable of supporting up to 75 pounds of network equipment in both the open and closed position.

So as you can tell this is a cool rack, if you want more info and want to order the pivot rack visit Discount Low