Multi-conductor Wire overview and what’s available

Just wanted to throw out a reminder that we have multi-conductor cables in a wide variety of gage sizes, shielding and jacket materials.

Applications for multi-conductor cables include computers, communications, sound, audio, instrumentation, data and some HVAC applications. These cables are designed to reduce hum, crosstalk and noise.

Let’s take a look a few different examples from our YouTube channel.

And sometimes you may need a direct burial cable.

As you noticed we stock the Tappan brand for the multiconductor cables. They’ve been around since 1978 and manufactured in New York so you know your installing a quality, American made, UL listed cable. Recently Southwire has purchased Tappan, you not only have the quality of a Tappan cable but the backing of a great company.

For more pricing and availability on Tappan multiconductor cable check us out. Thanks!



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