Structured wiring home network demonstration

Over the past few years we’ve continued to rely on the Suttle brand for high quality between stud panels and for their selection of modules. Here’s a quick look at what your home can be.

If you need more details in panel sizes and what modules are available, visit

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Behind the wall wire and cable pulling kit

Cabling behind the wall can be a chore, make sure you have the right tools for the job. A good place to start is with this cool kit offered by Greenlee.

Now that you have some tool to start the project, check out our YouTube channel for a video on how to drill and pull that string.

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PVM Public View Monitor to the rescue!

If your looking to add to your retail establishment another deterrent besides cameras and dummy cameras you might want to consider adding a public viewing monitor.

pvm in store

Shoplifters are morons, sometimes you have to make it as obvious as possible for them to know your watching. Let’s take a look at a model we offer by Everfocus from ourĀ YouTube Channel

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Information Technology Tip – Cisco Networking Antenna

Antennas can be a mystery sometimes, it feels like Cisco makes it easy.

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Broadcasting Reel for Audio and Video Fiber?

If you’re thinking about investing into broadcast deployable fiber optic cable for audio and video I’m sure you’ve spent an exuberant amount of time and money researching the proper cable for your application, just don’t forget about the importance of the reel.

Are you tight on space and would prefer to stack multiple reels? Do you need a external drum to help manage and protect the connectors? Do you need a larger than standard size reel? These are just a few questions to consider in your selection and you’ll also want to consider the life expectancy of your cable and select a high quality reel that can match that.

Here’s a quick look at a medium capacity reel.

Now that you have a few options take your time and make sure your selection is best suited for you application. Measure twice, cut once.