Save time and labor with Telescoping Strut Replacement

We just got our hands on a new part by CADDY called a Telescoping Strut Replacement, it’s an innovative alternative to using strut-based trapeze or support structures to support cable tray baskets, cable conduit or pipe. Eliminate the need for for handling long lengths of strut and cutting sections of strut to size.


This new bracket telescopes to the desired length, attaches to threaded rod with a captive threaded nut on each end, and is locked into place by tightening a screw on a pre-installed steel band.


Let’s check out some of the features of this new product.

  • Ready to use out of the box and eliminates the need for cutting sections of strut
  • Captive threading nuts enable fastening to threaded rod supports without loose parts
  • Clearance holes help quickly create multi-level trapeze
  • Supports up to four 2″ conduits or four 2″ water filled pipes at 10′ spacing
  • Works with KBT wire basket tray clip for securing wire basket cable tray
  • Works with SCH Single-Piece strut clamps

Let’s now get a better look at this item from our YouTube Channel (Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for weekly videos)

Now that you’re going to have some extra time on your hands you need to grab some kind of tool, maybe a hammer and just walk around with it. You don’t want the boss thinking your doing nothing so make it look like your doing something.

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