Weather Rated Enclosures for your Equipment

We understand that some of your installation and applications are outdoors and there’s no way of avoiding it sometimes. If you need a lockable enclosure that will last forever we have a perfect solutions for you. Let’s check out a BUD industries box from our YouTube channel.

Plenty of bang for the buck!

  • 16 Gauge continuous seam welded steel construction
  • Keyed latch for watertight seal, hinged cover
  • External mounting brackets so box can mount on wall or panel without having to remove the cover and exposing internal components to the environment
  • Base and door bonding studs for grounding
  • UL-508 Tested 4x Requirements UL#E194432
  • Finished Product very smooth gray powder coat
  • NEMA 4 Rated for Outdoor Use
  • Sturdy 16AWG Construction

We also have them in stock in a few different sizes.

You’re going to need to drill through that thing to get your cable where it needs to go, what do you need for that?

We have those in stock and the LPCG507 seems to be one of the most common sizes.

Now you should be good to go with your outdoor project! To order online visit

Arlington Industries Cableway

Arlington’s easy-to-install, non-metallic CABLEWAY system is the answer to a time-saving, UL Listed cable runway support system. New system components make it even faster and easier to install. Let’s go over the CABLEWAY system from our YouTube channel and let’s start with part number T205 which is the 5ft tray section.

Support brackets attach directly to framing members, without structural damage.

NEW styles include wall mount and flat surface support brackets.

They hold cables securely in place – and you can open the bracket for easier cable insertion and/or trough installation!

The slide-on five foot wire tray covers and protects cable – install additional trough sections as needed. They join together with coupling.

Angle and Tee make it easy to turn corners.

Push-on end caps complete the job!

The Arlington CABLEWAY is for Power or Low Voltage for new construction or old work and is UL listed as a cable runway support system.

Discount Low Voltage stocks the Arlington CABLEWAY and also offers them as individual items that will help make it more convenient for your installation. For pricing, dimensions and to order online visit, thanks.