HD over coax, goodbye IP cameras?

For what seemed like forever, people always drifted to IP for the HD image but it was very costly for home or small business installations.

Now you get HD image quality over traditional coax cable at the analog camera price! Let’s check out a webinar by Bolide CCTV who now have an excellent offering of HD analog security products.

You can now get a High Definition Security System without the IP system price.

How to connect your CCTV DVR to your phone the easy way!

If you’ve ever had to network a security DVR you know it can be a challenge. Many DVR manufactures will push the task onto the buyer of the DVR and point fingers to the router that you are using saying it’s their problem or maybe the local service provider you need to work with is the fabulous AT&T and getting that port open on their Uverse cable modem/router is a nightmare.

Save a headache and use the Quick Connect feature from Bolide. All you do is scan the code on your DVR with your phone and your done! Let’s check out the how-to YouTube video.

Another cool feature is you now can get 720p high definition over analog for the same price as the older analog cameras systems! Give the finger to the high prices of megapixel cameras.

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