Easy, Simple, 4 Door Access Control Kit

So we’ve sold a few of these and so far the installation contractors have given me a big thumbs up on the ease of installation, quality of the product and the support that the manufacture has given them. Let’s check this kit out from out YouTube channel.

As you can tell, all the parts are simple and easy enough for the end-user to get familiar with so they know who came in and out and when, but you need to know this system in and out so let’s check out the parts that are involved with this system. Let’s start with going over the features of the Access Control Panel.

Features of the InBio-460 Access Control Panel

  • Over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and reversal protection for the power supply and all of the input and output terminals
  • Reliable network system of controllers using either TCP/IP or RS-485 Serial communication
  • Supports different Wiegand formats, and connects to ZK readers as well as HID, Mifare, and generic ID card readers
  • Connects with a variety of electric locks, sensors, exit buttons, alarm devices, and indicators
  • Can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV, Intrusion Detection, Fire Alarm Release, and elevastor Control for total security system. Directly compatible with ZK’s biometric reader controllers.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive programming with ZKAccess Software
  • System management by browser from client PC’s. No need to install software on each client
  • Programming of special logic between doors is set up with simple pull down menus. No special scripts or code is required.
  • Management software allows indication of real-time door status and remote commanding of door open/close state. Alarm conditions such as forced open and extended open alarms are reported.
  • Advanced access control capabilities are built into the hardware, including anti-passback, Dual and multi-Card Authentication, and Duress Mode.

I know this panel has a a lot of features but the software was probably the most talked about feature, people loved the real-time door status.

zk fingerprint

Let’s check out another part of the system that people love, the finger print reader.

Features of the FR1200

  • FR1200 can transfer fingerprint template to inBIO controller or F8 series fingerprint access controller through RS485 communication, so the latter is much more stable and secure
  • FR1200 has passed IP65 certification, so it can be applied to outdoor working environment
  • FR1200 has standard 125Khz ID Card module
  • FR1200 is very easy to be installed due to small size and only needs the RS485 communication
  • After upgrading the firmware of standalone access controllers, the FR1200 can work with them, which have RS485 communication
  • FR1200 works with inBIO controller or F8 series fingerprint access controller
  • The fingerprint is verified by internal access controller or inBIO controller.
  • Even if FR1200 is destroyed,the relay is on master device, so it can not open door
  • FR1200 uses ZK infrared detection fingerprint sensor creatively, it could detect fake fingerprints
  • User could feel if their fingerprint is verified or not, which is user-friendly and improves the accuracy and safety of access control data greatly.
  • FR1200 works with inBIO biometric access controllers to provide “one-stop” access control solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises

The IP65 rating allows it to be weatherproof and the time that it takes to calculate a print to open a door is very timely, nothing more irritating than a reader that takes it time.

If you want more ZK Access, Eli the computer guy has a great introduction on ZK, check out his video.

I think you get the point that this kit is loaded with features and if you need more information on this ZK 4 door kit, visit Discount Low Voltage.com