Need your J-Hook to “SWIVEL” on that beam?

While installing J-Hooks there are times where if you had that certain angle, your installation might be just a little easier. You’ll still comply with TIA/EIA bend radius standards for your Copper and Fiber Optic Cabling. What you might need is a swivel in your J-Hook.

J hook Swivel

Beam Clamp for J Hook Swivel


The part number for that Beam Clamp is CATHPBC200B that will allow you to swivel and is part of the CADDY HP J-Hook System. The CADDY CAT HP J-Hook System is an advanced, non-continuous pathway support solution for today’s high-performance cabling systems. Highly engineered features help ensure a stable and secure installation that complies with industry codes and standards for high-performance cables.

The CADDY CAT HP System is a cost-effective alternative to using wire mesh cable tray, ladder tray or similar complex alternatives. It requires significantly less material and installs in a fraction of the time of other methods. This versatile solution accommodates a wide range of attachment methods and is available as individual J-Hooks, pre-built CADDY CAT HP assemblies, and multi-tiered trees, as well as interchangeable CADDY CAT HP components. The CADDY CAT HP J-Hook System provides the perfect combination of performance, time savings, and versatility required by today’s datacom and electrical contractors.

For more information on the CADDY CAT HP System visit CADDY. To order CADDY J-Hooks and everything associated with the CAT HP System visit

Looking for cable management ladder rack? Try U hooks with Unistrut!

CADDY “CAT CM” is an alternative to cable tray in low-voltage and power cable applications. This cable-support system has cULus®-Listed components and allows for customized support spacing and simple horizontal and vertical change of direction.


Beginning with the J-Hook, ERICO® continues to innovate and develop the complete line of CADDY® CABLECAT products to support today’s high-performance cable. The CADDY CAT CM provides a cable tray alternative utilizing rod and strut components together with specifically developed steel brackets.


  • Includes specially designed U-Hooks and double J-Hooks with large-diameter, rounded support surfaces/edges to avoid over-bending and kinking of cables
  • Accommodates U-Hooks in a range of sizes for different cable capacity needs
  • Offers two installation options that can easily be combined resulting in installation flexibility to meet a variety of needs
    • Rod-mounted option
    • Cantilever-mounted option

The Rod-Mounted option allows for field assembly of the hooks onto All-Thread Rod. Benefits include:

  • Customized intervals between hooks to comply with ISO/IEC 18010
  • Easy level changes – under or over ductwork, piping, etc. – no level change fittings necessary
  • Direct attachment to the ceiling or building structure with threaded rod and CADDY® Fasteners

The Cantilever-Mounted option consists of U-Hooks mounted with brackets to walls and columns. This option allows for:

  • Cable runs along walls
  • Specification of individual hook spacing as needed
  • Mounting of cable within existing column grid

If you still reading I’m sure you probably want more so let’s check out an overview from our YouTube channel.

For me, what makes this attractive is that you can pick up unistrut local to you. A very common issue with long pieces of long ladder is the freight, lead time and cost can hurt your project estimate or hurt you on the back end after the freight bill arrives eating into your margins.