Need Fiber for Security Cameras?

Fiber Optic Media Converters like the Signamax 065-1196A series, are the economical bridge between a copper infrastructure and an optical fiber run.  Even in smaller security networks the obstacle to reach distances greater than 100 meters will require an extension over fiber.
Fiber Camera Layout
Imagine a property with a copper-based network that has decided to increase their security parameters by installing additional cameras.  The additional coverage could be around the parking lot, a multi-story building, or maybe the property has multiple structures that will require extended data transmissions.  Once the copper-base recommended distance is breached between the cameras and the network video recorder, the transmission will typically work intermittently or not at all. To ensure the investment meets its intentions a span of optical fiber with the existing copper-base will allow a more reliable transmission for the extended span by decreasing the electromagnetic interference between the cameras and the NVR.
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HD over coax, goodbye IP cameras?

For what seemed like forever, people always drifted to IP for the HD image but it was very costly for home or small business installations.

Now you get HD image quality over traditional coax cable at the analog camera price! Let’s check out a webinar by Bolide CCTV who now have an excellent offering of HD analog security products.

You can now get a High Definition Security System without the IP system price.

The Best Surveillance Videos of March

Let’s check out the best surveillance videos from this month, I also enjoy inspecting the video quality and imagine what they could have done for a better image. Let’s check them out!

Store Clerk Saves Baby

Detroit Gas Station Shooting

Indianapolis Burglary

Dubai Airplane Crash

Terrorist hit Brussels 

Dognapper at Humane Society

Back Door Break In

Houston Gun Store Smash (Kyle’s favorite)

As you can tell video has been continuously improving over time and in a couple of these videos it’s time to upgrade to at least Analog High Definition.


How to connect your CCTV DVR to your phone the easy way!

If you’ve ever had to network a security DVR you know it can be a challenge. Many DVR manufactures will push the task onto the buyer of the DVR and point fingers to the router that you are using saying it’s their problem or maybe the local service provider you need to work with is the fabulous AT&T and getting that port open on their Uverse cable modem/router is a nightmare.

Save a headache and use the Quick Connect feature from Bolide. All you do is scan the code on your DVR with your phone and your done! Let’s check out the how-to YouTube video.

Another cool feature is you now can get 720p high definition over analog for the same price as the older analog cameras systems! Give the finger to the high prices of megapixel cameras.

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Discount Low Voltage welcomes MuxLab!

In stock now! MuxLab is a leading designer and manufacturer of connectivity solutions that allow Audio-Video, Broadcast, and CCTV equipment to be connected via cost-efficient Cat5e/6 copper twisted pair in the structured cabling environment.

For 30 years, the MuxLab brand has been synonymous with quality, performance and reliability. MuxLab solutions streamline cabling by reducing material, space and installation costs. Even after installation, MuxLab products help save time and money by facilitating moves, adds and changes. Whichever market you love and serve MuxLab has a solution for you! Our products are found in applications such as CCTV security and surveillance, classroom video, digital signage, home theater, guestroom entertainment, podium presentation and boardroom projection systems, to name a few.

Proud to be Canadian, all MuxLab products are designed and manufactured in Canada, by Canadian professionals. Your #1 Choice for CCTV and Audio-Video Connectivity Solutions. Let’s get a better look at a couple of there products that’ll provide a solution to your problem.

Need to convert HD-SDI to HDMI via Cat5e?

Need to convert HDMI to VGA?

What about extending your HDMI signal via Cat5e?

Need a further VGA signal?

These are just a couple of examples of how MuxLab provides connectivity solutions via twisted pair. For price and availability visit Discount Low Voltage.

What is P-Iris?

So recently I was at a IP camera training class at Everfocus and training went well and good but I can’t stop thinking about how awesome some of the cameras looked. They mentioned that some of the IP cameras have a lens called P-iris and I got an explanation on it but with so much to cover in class we did not have that much time to dive into it extensively. So I though I’d dive into it more once I got back into the office and here’s what I found regarding it.

P-iris is an automatic lens and uses precise iris control in combination with specialized software that optimizes image quality and greatly improves contrast, clarity, resolution, depth of field and more! The entire field of view on the screen looks fantastic. With the DC auto iris lens you’ll get a great shot of your focus point, for example, if you wanted to focus on a sign that was 5 feet away the DC-iris will look excellent but the background that is 20 feet away will be a bit blurry and not as sharp, but with P-iris everything in the field of view looks fantastic. Let’s compare by using the photo below.

iris p d

Looks awesome right! Now let’s see some video in action.

P-iris is a new technology and if you haven’t heard of it before I’m sure you’ll start hearing it more and more. For IP cameras with P-iris check out Everfocus.

Easy Plug and Play Network Video Recorder

If you’re worried about installing a Network Video Recorder because of work involved with setting up the IP camera to be properly networked to the NVR you won’t be with the Plug and Play Network Video Recorder by Everfocus.

This NVR eliminates the need for complicated network configuration and with the Power Over Ethernet switch also included you’ll eliminate the need for a master power supply and you’ll also simplify the cabling infrastructure by running one Cat5e cable for both the power and signal.

Full HD 1080P video output brings superior picture performance on a massive scale and with its H.264 compression it provides up to 1.5 times better compression ratio than MPEG-4 along with low bandwidth consumption.

Let’s get a better feel for it from our YouTube channel.

As you can tell this would be a great way to get your feet wet with IP cameras and a NVR. If you’re still on the fence but want 1080P quality you may want to consider the Everfocus line of HD cameras that use a traditional DVR.

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Here’s a quick look at the difference of CATV cable vs CCTV cable from our good buddies at Tappan Wire and Cable.

If you’re looking to install a security camera system, you just found out what cable to start with.

Everfocus High Definition HD-SDI vs. High Resolution Analog

When it comes to viewing and recording your security footage you want the best solution for your application. Let’s first get familiar with the ECOR960 DVR.

Recording footage at 960TLV is awesome considering a few years ago we commonly seen 380TVL camera footage, yuck! Let’s check out the High Definition Hybrid DVR.

Cool thing about this DVR is if you have areas of your location that need a full 1080P solution, especially for facial recognition you get four HD-SDI ports and use the four analog for areas that aren’t a high security concern.

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PVM Public View Monitor to the rescue!

If your looking to add to your retail establishment another deterrent besides cameras and dummy cameras you might want to consider adding a public viewing monitor.

pvm in store

Shoplifters are morons, sometimes you have to make it as obvious as possible for them to know your watching. Let’s take a look at a model we offer by Everfocus from our YouTube Channel

If you have tips for other deterrents comment below, thanks!