Signal and Power Over Coax? Yes!

Now you can get Ethernet Over Coax with Power easily by simply using the new Palun converter by Everfocus. This is a great choice for when you need an IP solution at a location where coax is already ran and don’t want to deal with the labor and Cat5e material cost of a new cable run. Simply attach the send module on one end and the receive module on the other. Let’s check out a demo video from our YouTube channel.

Let’s go over some of the features.

– Maximum connection distance of 1148ft

– Automatic 802.3 & PoE detection

– Automatic MDI/MDI-X detection

– Any PoE device / PoE IP camera

– Cost saving, no need for re-cabling, keep the Coax for network surveillance

– Easy Installation

– Slim & compact design

An easy way to overturn the time consuming installation process, especially where some cable runs were a nightmare to run due to their location.

Questions? Comment below, thanks!