How to set up remote access for ECORHD

Here’s a great look at how to set up remote access for the Everfocus ECORHD digital video recorder.

Easy, now your ready to take your new system to the next level.

Easy Plug and Play Network Video Recorder

If you’re worried about installing a Network Video Recorder because of work involved with setting up the IP camera to be properly networked to the NVR you won’t be with the Plug and Play Network Video Recorder by Everfocus.

This NVR eliminates the need for complicated network configuration and with the Power Over Ethernet switch also included you’ll eliminate the need for a master power supply and you’ll also simplify the cabling infrastructure by running one Cat5e cable for both the power and signal.

Full HD 1080P video output brings superior picture performance on a massive scale and with its H.264 compression it provides up to 1.5 times better compression ratio than MPEG-4 along with low bandwidth consumption.

Let’s get a better feel for it from our YouTube channel.

As you can tell this would be a great way to get your feet wet with IP cameras and a NVR. If you’re still on the fence but want 1080P quality you may want to consider the Everfocus line of HD cameras that use a traditional DVR.

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Easiest way to test your IP camera installation image

Finally! An easy way to “POWER and VIEW” your IP camera during installation, here’s a quick demo!

Another cool thing about the ESK1000 I found out about recently while talking on the phone with an installation contractor is, he likes to make his adjustment on the camera then take his smartphone and verify with the customer what the field of view looks like and verifies that’s what the end user wants. It’s a great installation tool and I’m sure after using it on a couple projects you’ll really begin to love it.

Let’s go over the features.

– Provides the ability to troubleshoot camera lens and displays on installation site

– Streamline the process of a new IP camera installation

– Small and compact for portability

– High capacity power with lithium batteries

– Equipped with external WiFi router with a built-in DHCP server

– Supports EF Sidekick mobile app for IOS

– Multi-function use: smart phone charger (USB output) or wireless AP provider

– LED indicators for Power, POE and charging status

– PoE and DC Power Supply

connection esk100

For more info, availability and price, check out the ESK1000

Everfocus High Definition HD-SDI vs. High Resolution Analog

When it comes to viewing and recording your security footage you want the best solution for your application. Let’s first get familiar with the ECOR960 DVR.

Recording footage at 960TLV is awesome considering a few years ago we commonly seen 380TVL camera footage, yuck! Let’s check out the High Definition Hybrid DVR.

Cool thing about this DVR is if you have areas of your location that need a full 1080P solution, especially for facial recognition you get four HD-SDI ports and use the four analog for areas that aren’t a high security concern.

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PVM Public View Monitor to the rescue!

If your looking to add to your retail establishment another deterrent besides cameras and dummy cameras you might want to consider adding a public viewing monitor.

pvm in store

Shoplifters are morons, sometimes you have to make it as obvious as possible for them to know your watching. Let’s take a look at a model we offer by Everfocus from ourĀ YouTube Channel

If you have tips for other deterrents comment below, thanks!