How to install Blue-Water Underground Omni Marker

Let’s take a look at the Blue Omni Marker by Greenlee from our YouTube channel.

How do we install these? Let’s figure it out.

  1. First, you need to determine whether or not the Omni Marker needs to be secured to the object being marked. If it does then you need to attach it using 1 or 2 cable ties.
  2. Place the marker over the object to be marked as shown in the image below. The Omni Marker can be buried in any orientation.
  3. Cover the marker with six inches of soil to prevent movement during backfill.
  4. Backfill the hole or trench normally.

omni install

Easy, right! There are couple things you need to keep an eye on during your installation. If you’re marking an object that is metallic, the marker should be placed at least four inches above the object and the space between should be filled with soil. If you’re marking a non-metallic object, the marker can be placed directly over the object.

The Omni Marker can be reliably detected if the distance between the locator and the marker is five feet of less. Do not bury the marker deeper than that.

The Omni Marker is patented and other patents are pending, if you need to order these online you can pick this up and other colors at and if you do place an order congratulations on purchasing the best underground locating marker in the Galaxy.

I need some tools for running cable behind a wall, what you got?

We have this cool kit put together by Greenlee, it’s a good place to start so let’s check it out.

Now the D’Versibit flexible drill bit kit includes:

– The D’Versibit¬†

– Placement Tool

– Grip

The features mentioned for this tool kit are:

– Use to drill and pull wire through existing walls

– Drill through wood even slow speed and even pressure

– Flexible bit drills 9/16″ diameter holes in many kinds of wood

– Placement tool is used to position the bit inside of the wall

РGrip can be attached to the end of wire (10mm Р13mm). 

Now that you have some tools you might need some help on how to run your cable behind the wall, here’s the best video on YouTube showing you how it’s done.

Good luck on your install and to place and order for this kit we have them in stock!


When would I need an Amber colored lens?

We recently got our stock shipment for Greenlee Safety Glasses and I noticed a few different types of colors for the lens. Let us take a look at the Yellow contrast Amber lens.

This color lens absorbs Blue and Ultraviolet light and is best used when sharpness, acuity and contrast are needed and to block high intensity blue lighting such as UV and in Curing Operations.

– Filters out hazy light that is hard on the eyes
– Good for working outside at Dawn and Dusk
– Excellent for hazy, overcast or foggy days
– High Intensity tint for maximum sight performance during low light driving

Recent studies have shown that too much light and especially Blue light, suppresses our natural sleep hormone melatonin. Wearing Yellow glasses for an hour before bedtime will block enough of this light to prevent your melatonin from being suppressed letting you sleep quickly and easily. Other studies have mentioned that the display on a computer, TV, phone, monitor, pad and video games have an excessive amount of blue light so wearing this color lens will also help those who find it hard to unplug.

As I mentioned this stock shipment included a few different glasses, for example safety glasses that fit over your prescription glasses.

We got a handful of different glasses, check out our YouTube channel for a video on them all and they’re all very inexpensive so order a pair!

Behind the wall wire and cable pulling kit

Cabling behind the wall can be a chore, make sure you have the right tools for the job. A good place to start is with this cool kit offered by Greenlee.

Now that you have some tool to start the project, check out our YouTube channel for a video on how to drill and pull that string.

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