USB Electrical Receptacle for IPhone, Galaxy and more!

As you know with more and more iPads, iPods, iPhones, Tablets, Smart Phones, Bluetooth and everything else that’s mobile the need for a consistent and reliable place to charge your toy can become a bit burdensome sometimes, especially when you move your charger from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom or maybe you share a charger and it’s getting moved who knows where. Make your life a little easier with this USB Electrical Receptacle by Enerlites.

Is the installation of this USB receptacle the same as my old electrical receptacle? Sure let’s check out a cool video by the girls at DIY HIP Chicks on swapping out the old with the new!

With the 4amp power you’ll also get a quick charge! For a more detailed spec sheet, installation instructions on paper and to order this USB Receptacle online enter the part number in the search box 61501-TR2USB-W at Discount Low Voltage. Thanks!

Home Automation Started Kit Overview

Our Home Automation Starter Kit includes the powerful Home Troller Zee controller, voted #1 home automation system controller for 2014 by Control your home via your smart phone and tablet, simplified navigation, event creation, event grouping and real time status view are just a view things you can do with this controller! Includes a plug-in module for anywhere in the home, a motion sensor to see when and if a door or window is open and a dimmer switch for you to turn on the lights right before you get home.

As you can tell this is an excellent offering to get you started and the controller is the “brains” of your system. The software for the Zee controller has a ton of features and anyone will be impressed with what you can do, after you get to know your controller you’ll be able to comfortably add more home automation modules. Let’s check out a great software overview video.

I’m sure by now your comfortable with the software on your computer and your ready to move on to controlling your home on your phone, that’s easy!

Another great thing about installing this kit is it’s your kit, no need for monthly recurring charges like many other kits on the market and it’s a great way to add to your quality of life.

Why and How to wire a home – Part FOUR

Now this is the best explanation I’ve seen on YouTube regarding CATV signals in the home and splitter loss.

Good to know those terminator caps on open CATV ends make a big difference. Check out part 5 on residential network cabling.