What is P-Iris?

So recently I was at a IP camera training class at Everfocus and training went well and good but I can’t stop thinking about how awesome some of the cameras looked. They mentioned that some of the IP cameras have a lens called P-iris and I got an explanation on it but with so much to cover in class we did not have that much time to dive into it extensively. So I though I’d dive into it more once I got back into the office and here’s what I found regarding it.

P-iris is an automatic lens and uses precise iris control in combination with specialized software that optimizes image quality and greatly improves contrast, clarity, resolution, depth of field and more! The entire field of view on the screen looks fantastic. With the DC auto iris lens you’ll get a great shot of your focus point, for example, if you wanted to focus on a sign that was 5 feet away the DC-iris will look excellent but the background that is 20 feet away will be a bit blurry and not as sharp, but with P-iris everything in the field of view looks fantastic. Let’s compare by using the photo below.

iris p d

Looks awesome right! Now let’s see some video in action.

P-iris is a new technology and if you haven’t heard of it before I’m sure you’ll start hearing it more and more. For IP cameras with P-iris check out Everfocus.