Why do you need a Spiral Vibration Damper

To fight againstĀ Aeolian Vibration! It’s a high frequency, low amplitude vibration caused by horizontal wind passing across your line. When cables are exposed to this wind, a phenomenon known as vortex shedding creates alternating pressure unbalance, inducing cable and guy wire to move up and down at right angles to the direction of air flow. These vibrations take the form of discrete standing waves that can cause support hardware breakdown, guy wire fatigue, abrasion and eventually guy wire failure. The Spiral Vibration Damper is made of a solid thermal plastic that has been subjected to hundreds of field vibration studies. It is non-corrosive, effective in a broad range of frequencies and has no concentrated mass or clamping pressure that could damage guy wires.

Here’s a great look at the Spiral Vibration Damper from our YouTube channel.

Here’s a few examples of the wind causing problems on the lines.

If you want to dive into vibration isolation check out an open course from MIT.

A spiral vibration damper is just a small piece to your aerial fiber optic cable installation and is a must for a proper installation.