USB Electrical Receptacle for IPhone, Galaxy and more!

As you know with more and more iPads, iPods, iPhones, Tablets, Smart Phones, Bluetooth and everything else that’s mobile the need for a consistent and reliable place to charge your toy can become a bit burdensome sometimes, especially when you move your charger from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom or maybe you share a charger and it’s getting moved who knows where. Make your life a little easier with this USB Electrical Receptacle by Enerlites.

Is the installation of this USB receptacle the same as my old electrical receptacle? Sure let’s check out a cool video by the girls at DIY HIP Chicks on swapping out the old with the new!

With the 4amp power you’ll also get a quick charge! For a more detailed spec sheet, installation instructions on paper and to order this USB Receptacle online enter the part number in the search box 61501-TR2USB-W at Discount Low Voltage. Thanks!