What’s the best rooftop support system?

The “CADDY PYRAMID” rooftop supports are a surface mounted solution for supporting electrical and mechanical applications on a variety of roof surfaces.

They offer superior load capacity and dramatically reduce installation time by replacing slow, heavy and labor-intensive methods for support of pipe, conduit, duct, cable tray and equipment.

Unlike wood blocks, “CADDY PYRAMID” supports are specifically designed for rooftop applications, incorporating unique materials and finishes that protect roof membranes and provide superior corrosion protection.

Here’s some features of the Strut model.

Caddy P image

Let’s look at the load distribution of the Strut model vs. other inferior products.

load dis

Here’s another look from our YouTube channel.

Erico also has a cool kit that has everything ready for your install. Let’s get a good look at a installation video using the H frame model.

Erico knows that no installation is the same so they make a few different styles for whatever it is you’re installing. Here’s the Strut model.


The Roller.

Pyramid Roller


The H-Frame.


For Crossover and Walkways.

Pyramid Crossovers Walkways

The Universal.

Pyramid Universal

The EZ Rubber Based.

Pyramid EZ Rubber

The Pipe and Conduit Based.

Pyramid Pipe Conduit

The Equipment Support Kit

equipment support

Now that you know there’s a few different styles to support anything you’re installing on a roof, order your parts online at Discount-Low-Voltage.com


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