Why and How to wire a home – part FIVE

Part 5 of the Residential Network Cabling series will focus on UTP type cable and what to think about when installing the Cat 5e Cat 6 and Cat6A cables. Let’s check it out.

It was a long video but if you invest the time, especially if you’re new to communications wire and plan on a home install, you find it very informative. The one other think I do want to mention is when looking for a cable to look for a reputable brand. Be wary of the house brand from an online supplier or anything that this price much lower than a quality brand. We’ve seen copper clad aluminum being passed as 100% copper, 26awg passed as a 24awg and that causes many problems for your connectivity. We’ve even seen the 2 pairs colors the same, imaging wiring your jacks proper. Don’t forget to check out part 5 of this series, cable testing.




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